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    Are you also known as old gregg? So some questions - how often do you play, where are you ranked currently and how long have you been playing for???
    Anyways, feel free to pm me the answers if you don't want to post them, my in game names are violet ania and billy brown. Let me know when you're around to play some games, I'll talk to everyone else in the clan then we'll see ^^

    Violet <3
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    Wrath of Quasar has had a good run, I finally achieved my dream of winning a Clan Wars, even though it was by proxy because i was too scared to ask someone to bench *awkward laughs*.

    I've come to realize that I've spent way too much time and passion in PA while i have life to attend to and all the members are really good so i'll just be holding the remaining members back. I'm sad to announce that WoQ will now be disbanded, or at least for the time being. People that are still in WoQ at this point in time are welcome to join and play with whatever clan, no hard feelings.
    If anyone is still around and loyal when i come back, we can resume the fun ^.^
    I'm glad i got the change to play with all of you and see everyones unique ideas and play styles
    Thanks for all the fun times and memories PA, you were my first game and curse you for the addiction. <3

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I bought a year or two year long teamspeak plan for WoQ, it doesn't have much use now but no point letting it going to waste =P
    Feel free to use it! If you're a clan or playing regularly with a group of friends, msg and i'd be happy to make a private room for you guys =)
    Teamspeak address: wrathofquasar.teamspeak3.com
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    that was fast lol

    but thanks for making the clan :)
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    Good luck in the future!
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    Why not hand over the clan to other active members whilst you're away @violetania?
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