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    World Team Battle
    (All rules are subject to change before the start of the event.)

    Risk/PA Battle for Earth. Two victory conditions, Domination and Diplomatic.

    Teams start all across the planet Earth trying to claim victory, only the best organized and strategic will walk away with Earth in their control. Claim zones and gain resources per turn, use the resources to upgrade zones and research technology for your war machine; all while attacking and defending your territory.

    Signing up your team:
    • Team Name
    • King/Leader Uber Account Name
    • Preferred Region Time Zone (Americas, Europe/Africa, Asia/Australia)
    • Team Type (Limited/Unlimited)
    • Preferred Colour (General Colour or R/B/Y code)
    • Leaders are responsible for having their roster.
    Team Types

    Limited Team:
    Max Size: 10 Players
    Victory types: Domination/Diplomatic
    Max Alliances: 5, You start with 2 alliance slots and can upgrade to 5 slots.
    Bonuses: -50% Cost of Defending, +20% Yield from zone upgrades
    Start Gold: 30 for Week 1

    Unlimited Team:
    Max Size: Unlimited
    Victory types: Domination
    Max Alliances: 1 alliance slot
    Bonuses: -25% Cost of Attacking, -20% Cost of claiming zones.
    Start Gold: 50 for Week 1

    Your team type is public information to all other teams.

    The Map


    Claimable areas of the map by teams, you can upgrade them!
    • Antarctica zones are neutral.
    • Unclaimed and neutral zones can be fought on and crossed
    Owning Team of the zone gets to decide the Single Planet system which the zone will be for the entirety of that teams ownership of the zone. Once another team defeats the previous owning team or claims the zone they get to change the system or keep it the same.

    Movement is allowed diagonally, vertically, and horizontally.
    Moving is limited by you can only attack something 2 zones away from your closest zone, using a water route is 1 move. You cannot skip over an opposing teams territory when moving. (Example: To go from eastern seaboard of North America to Spain zone you need to own the zone that the Water Route starts from)


    • Capital Zone generates 12 Gold per turn. Capital Zones produce more gold so they can sustain a base income for your team.
    • Each zone owned generates per turn 10 Gold. Having claimed zones give off a high base income increases the amount of teams that will go for Domination victory and more fighting will occur for territory.
    • Each upgrade on a zone gives 5 Gold. Upgrading zones allows you to be small but still have a decent income.
    • Claiming a zone costs 10 Gold. Claiming zones costing gold makes it so teams cannot spread over everything immediately and forces teams to think about where they want their empire to expand to.
    • Attacking costs 4 Gold per attacker. Supplying a war machine costs money!
    • Defending costs 2 Gold per defender. Defending a zone that you already have claimed costs money, just not as much.

    Upgrading a zone takes gold, increasing based on number of upgrades already on the zone.
    First upgrade costs 10 Gold, second upgrade is 15, and so on, 20,25,30,35,40….
    You can only add one upgrade at a time to a zone. If you have 45 Gold, that does not mean you can get 3 upgrades immediately on one zone. Instead invest in upgrading in three different zones at 10 Gold each for their first upgrade!

    Upgraded zones if taken by an opposing team will give them all upgrades on the zone minus 1. (if you have 4 upgrades on a zone and the zone is captured by someone else then they now have the zone and 3 upgrades on it)

    Alliance Slots:
    It costs 100 Gold for the first addition slot, 200 Gold for the second, and 400 Gold for the third. Only Limited teams can get additional slots.

    Upgrading Tech Tree:
    Each team starts with:
    • 1 of 4 Basic factory types.
    • Fabber of that factory type.
    • Metal economic buildings. (Metal extractor, Metal storage)
    • Energy economic buildings. (Energy plant, Energy storage)
    • Basic defense buildings. (Single laser turret, AA turret, Torpedo launcher, Walls, Umbrella)
    • Basic Intelligence buildings. (Radar, Deep space radar)
    • 50 Gold before the event starts to upgrade your tech tree further based off what your team wants.

    All other upgrades to your tech tree are bought with gold you earn from your zones.

    Upgrade Costs:

    Tech Tree:

    Victory Conditions:
    Own 70 Zones or more of the map with just your empire.

    Your alliance of you and 5 others maximum must have control of 100 Zones of the map. It is possible that you will be the sole winner or there will be multiple winners of the Diplomacy condition at the same time. Alliances between a limited and unlimited take 2 alliance slots of the limited team and take the 1 slot of the unlimited team.

    Turn Order/Phases:
    Resources: (Monday)
    Get all resources from zones.

    Upgrades: (Monday)
    Make selections of zone upgrades/tech tree upgrades. (they do not finish till End phase of turn)

    Claiming: (Tuesday)
    What zones do you want to claim?

    Attack: (Wednesday)
    What zones do you want to attack, and how many players are you sending to attack, you must pay the Gold for attacking per player.

    Battle Plans: (Wednesday)
    Everyone is told where they are being attacked.
    More than 1 team can attack the same zone at a time, they will all face off in the same game and with 3 armies it will be a 3v3v4 with defenders advantage, with 4 armies it will be 2v2v2v3 with defenders advantage. No battles with 5 armies will occur, If this comes up then organizers will not allow the last team that filed the attack to be in the fight.

    Defend: (Thursday)
    Where are you going to defend. You must pay Gold per player for defending now.

    Game: (Friday)
    All games must be played in this phase.
    Teams learned where they were all the battles involving them are going to happen Wednesday and should have everything scheduled to be played over the weekend.

    End: (Sunday)
    All tech upgrades, zone upgrades, claimings of zones, and what zones were conquered are all complete.

    In order to Stream live a match, you need to talk to any of the teams and get them to approve and tell you who they are attacking or defending from on Thursday. You have to contact the opposing team and get approval from them also. Once you have approval of both teams to cast the event you can work with the teams for find a good time for them and you.

    There will be no official set of casters and teams have the full right to choose to allow streaming of their matches or not. You could try and partner up with a single team throughout the whole World Team Battle event and see if there okay with you being the sole streamer of their battles.

    Casting past matches is fully open to everyone as replays of all matches are public to all.
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    Team Organization:
    The outline for all duties of teams and what they are expected to do

    Your roster must be maintained to be current at all times. You may switch out 2 players a week if you are a limited team.
    Any players which have been removed from a roster may join another roster at their own discretion. Players after they have joined a team must stay in that Team for at least 3 weeks.
    If you were removed from a team you may not rejoin that team for 3 weeks. This is so that if a team is limited they cannot have essentially over a 10 man roster by just switching out players at free will every week with a hidden roster.

    If you have an alternative account to rejoin before the 3 weeks and the organizers gain knowledge of this then you will be booted from World Team Battles for 1 month to infinitely depending on severity. Your Team will lose 100 Gold from there next turn income or what their total income is for a turn. Whichever is less.

    Unlimited just need to keep a fully up to date roster.

    All rosters from all teams are to be fully shared with the organizers of World Team Battle and your roster will not be public to the other teams.

    Attacking and Defending:
    Your members of your team only get to be used once per turn, you must allocate them strategically to what you want them to do. If you want to commit 4 players to an attack on Wednesday during the attack phase then all 4 attacking members must be listed when telling the organizers of the attack. All 4 of those members cannot defend any of your territory.
    If you are a limited team and attack 2 zones with 5 man teams then are attacked you are going to automatically lose your zones, although the other team will have wasted up to 5 members in their attack on a zone with no defense.

    You can only have 5 Maximum in an attack on a zone and defense of a zone.

    Remember all attacks and defense cost gold per member. You pay for the players attacking before you are even notified of how many of your zones are going to under attack so make sure to not overextend your treasury in a blood lust for zones.

    All members of your team attacking and defending from your roster must be specified every week.

    Only the King/Leader and their Generals if appointing any get to notify organizers of Attacking members and Defenders.

    Upgrading Tech/Zones:
    You start out with 50 Gold on top of your starting techs allotted to you before the event even starts to upgrade your tech tree.

    Only the King/Leader and their Generals if appointing any get to notify organizers of tech decisions, and upgrades to zones.

    You pay from your teams treasury the cost of the tech and/or zone immediately and do not get the upgrade till the end phase is done. All tech upgrades bought at the start of the turn will not be implemented till the week after.

    You may not spend gold on a upgrade then when you are getting attacked and have no gold because it is all in upgrades ask to undo the upgrade. The gold is already used and cannot be given back. Don’t upgrade zones if you think you might lose that zone. :)

    Your Capital is the most important zone of your Team, if your team loses this building it becomes a vassal of another Team. They can also choose to just kill you off, they gain none of your zones you still own.

    When your team is a Vassal of another team you can buy your freedom for 2 weeks of your previous income.
    Teams that are Vassals gain only 50% of their income from these zones, the other 50% is given to the team that conquered you.

    Teams that have conquered another team can buy out the zones of their Vassal at double the price the zone gives off per turn. A zone taken like this if it has upgrades none of them are lost in the change of ownership.

    Vassals attacking and defending is controlled by their conquering empire. They do not gain your tech or have any control of your treasury. If they use your members to attack or defend then they have to pay for it from there treasury. You can defend your own territory with your own gold though if you have members not in use.

    Team Member Rankings:
    Your king will be picked when your team originally starts off, they can hand off the kingdom to any of the members inside your team. They have full control of the team unless they name a General or give the crown to another member.

    Generals are fully optional to be named by the king, they can make decisions about your team if the king is not present.

    They are the main group of your members and do not make the big decisions but they can also leave your team at their own will if they have been in it for 3 weeks. Do not treat your members badly!

    You can trade with any of the other Teams in the game. You can trade to become allies, for information about maps. tech, and members of other teams, or to simply bail someone out of being a vassal.

    All trades offers are sent through the organizers.

    Your gold treasury is kept by the organizers and only your King and Generals will know the current economic state of your empire.

    Allying with another Team gives you free movement across their zones only if it is still within the rules of movement. Limited teams alliances with unlimited teams take up 2 alliance slots for that limited team. (A limited team could have 2 unlimited allies, and 1 limited allies at max, 1 unlimited, and 3 limited, or 5 limited allies)

    Event Organization:
    What Kings get:
    • Map: You get to make all your own edits here and plan your empire, Kings are shared this to their google account from the organizers and they will be allowed to share it with their Generals or other members if they want.
    • Treasury Table: This is your treasury keeping track for you all the economic side of your empire. Can be shared with your Generals/Members if you want.
    • Tech Tree: Keeps track of your empires tech advancements. Can be shared with your Generals/Members if you want.
    • Alliance/Trading Table: Shows who you are allied with in your available alliance slots. Keeps track of all trades made and received. Can be shared with your Generals/Members if you want.
    What Organizers Have:
    We have all access to all the shared documents. This includes all the documents we provide each team.

    The public map which displays Team capitals, Claimed, and Unclaimed.

    Systems assigned to zones will not be displayed publicly and will only be displayed on each teams map for their zones, or zones they have learned what map occupies that zone.

    All Gold earned and expended each turn is monitored and kept record of by the organizers, and your teams treasury.

    The Leaderboard is based off of how much income your team makes per turn.

    Teams Joining after start:
    Teams may be formed after start of the event, if a team joins they only get the starting stuff in which all other teams got. plus 10 gold per turn onto their amount given to them for tech upgrades on their unit tech tree.

    New teams join in through Antarctica and have to break in through one of the continents that is connected to it. If a team is in Antarctica and they fail to break into one of the continents for 3 weeks then they will be rotated out of Antarctica with another team that wants to join into the event. Max of 3 teams trying to break into the event at a time from Antarctica.

    If a team gets into a continent from Antarctica they have 3 weeks to establish their capital. If they are down to 1 zone and have not established their capital by this point they are eliminated from the event and can rejoin the rotation again if they wish to try and break into the event.

    Rules for Maps:

    Maps for zones must be single planet systems between the size of 200 and 1000 radius. No metal restrictions, and must have at least spawns for 4 teams.

    If multiple teams try to claim the same zone they must face with their attacking amounts on a map the organizers decide on.

    Mods Required for all participants:
    all participants are required to have:
    Here are some concept things I have put together:
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    By the way this is the longest thing I think i have ever written, if there are any errors please tell me and I will correct them.
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    TL;DR Some fun team games.
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    this looks amazing, when I have a tad more time I will read it all fully again, then see if there if I'll be free to take part in this ^^

    *edit* I also wonder how hard this would be to mod into a galactic war type thing...
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    it would be nice
    if uber had made a better galactic war
    so we wouldn't need to make 3rd party campaigns like this (or at least so that we could mod GW into something like this)
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    Eh I appreciate the effort ...but Im not sold.
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    What to you seems off or makes you unsure. I'd love the feedback
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    My feeling is: Uhh a wall of text... ahh I just want to play this game anyway.
    *leaves to play 1vs1*

    but it's probably a nice thing you plan there.
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    It strikes me as a bit, uhm, complicated :p

    There was another thread discussing something like this, and I think the issue is for it to be workable it needs to be paired back a bit.

    If we could run a much smaller version of this as a single tournament that would make more sense to me. Something that can be played out in about 5 rounds would be sufficient- with the moves determining who plays who.

    I like your idea and get the grand plan of it playing over a long period, but getting people to be available sufficiently to make it work (i.e. every week day to make moves n' stuff).

    Maybe if this was run like clan wars, with a round played every couple of weeks. Also I think the in between move stages have to be worked out in one go.

    So I propose:

    1: If you want to keep the full blown map make it a regualr (ish) event so give people chance to be available.

    2: Allow people to submit their moves in between the events (give them time to deliberate) and all moves / choices are submitted in one hit in an email or something.

    3: The results of the last rounds moves are played out at the next fixture.

    4: Rinse and repeat till we have a winner!

    5: Profit (?)
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    why no make the water part of the map too?
  13. vrishnak92

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    I agree with his question, instead of making the ports an instant arrival to the other continent, make it so (if contested) that a full blown naval battle is required (a 100% ocean map)

    For perspective:

    New York port
    Sea battle
    Europe port (land battle)
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    I appreciate the all the effort you put into trying to make something cool bro, but why would each zone on the Earth b a solar system? Why not play supcom? That makes way more sense since the maps are flat in supcom!
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    That is a good point, I guess using the whole solar system or something would make more sense.
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    Wow. Don't you think you went just a little over the line into crazy land? Calm yourself down please and stop insulting someone's work just because it isn't something you want.

    The original post was much more insulting than the one you see now. Looks like the mods took out the worst of it and left my post intact to teach me to use the report button. :p Lesson learned, mods.
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    I used earth cause pretty much I felt like it. This was all concept. Earth is easier for people to rationalize in my opinion. Cause in my mind if you have the ability to travel to another solar ssystem then why can't you just warp or travel directly to the enemy homeworld and skip every other solar system. Also it's a turn based board that has all battles played in PA. If I wanted to only make a risk game I'd be posting somewhere hasbro could see
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    So basically civilization

    This is literally civ IV
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    Awesome idea, and I don't think it's too complicated per se... But I also don't think it would work in its current format.

    Getting people available that regularly will just never happen, the attendance rates of tournaments aren't 100% and most tourneys are a one time deal that people sign up for well in advance for a specific date. Even if you found super dedicated leaders who would make their moves/upgrades etc every day, they couldn't reliably assign players to attack and defend, life is just too busy and too unpredictable to make that commitment on a weekly basis.

    Love the concept, and the risk board (ignore captain logic above me, nothing in this game makes any sense anyway) but with this implementation I think it would be doomed to failure. Sadly I can't think of any easy way to fix it either, but perhaps a better mind than mine... ?
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    Well as I said already, I think the basic idea will work fine. I also don't see a problem with the matches themselves being spread out, ideally on a regular basis with plenty of notice- we haven't had problems getting teams into the Clan Wars games for example.

    What I think does need to change is the level of commitment required *between match days*. Currently this is rather allot. I think if the inter game stuff could be done at any time *before the next match day* (or more likely on the match day before the match) chances are it would get done.

    I definitely like the concept, nice work @reptarking :)

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