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    Hallo Guys,

    at the moment im Planning (and have already started developing) a mod that applys the System of an old Warcraft 3 mod ive played a long time ago. Its name was "Zwergischer Erfolgekrieg" wich means "Dwarven Achievement War" in english.
    The Game worked the following:

    Everyone had his mainbuilding somewhere on the map, he was able to build builders in this building.
    This building also generated resources. The resources got more and more over time.
    The Builders could only build barracs where you could only build 1 unit. So everyone used the same units.

    When you now killed the main Building of an other player, it respawned and the killed player got forcefully allied with the player who killed him (and all his allies).

    The goal of the game is to get all players into one team.
    But since can be very tricky since you can also steal players from enemy fractions again. (if a captured player gets killed again, his allies changes to the new fraction.

    I want to make this to an PA mod and since im still WIP I wanted to ask all of you what you think about this mod idea.

    Greeting SvenBrnn
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    It sounds fun.
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    I actually remember some game that had that mode. I don't recall playing it, but I do remember seeing it somewhere and it looked fun, so yes! Make it happen! I would even like to help on that if you need, although I don't understand anything of codeing/modding. Only art.

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