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    Hello again, its me, and I'm back...
    Rolloff Remover V2
    The "Rolloff Remover V2" Mod makes its appearance for PA:TITANS. The mod was oringinally developed to speed up the gameplay of the classic PA. By modifying the certain timers, I can achieve a fluid roll off the pad while the next guy is being created. This mod seeks to do more than just remove the rolloff time. It wants to enhance game speed, get into combat situations faster, rebuild your armies sooner, and be slightly more cost efficient*. Because so much has changed between when I last developed the mod and now, you might have to be a little patient with me as I relearn all the modding tricks that Titans does. Mod is not yet available, but I wanted to create this thread more as an announcement and soon to be the discussion thread

    Feedback is always appreciated. Source will be on github, but is currently not ready for public facing yet.

    *Ability to be more cost efficient depends purely on timing, less time spent creating units is more time in battle or expanding
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