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    It's been a while y'all

    Alpha 17

    The following changes implemented by @Quitch:
    • AI has been updated to match changes to the vanilla AI
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the MLA AI from functioning
    • Commander selection updated to match Legion and the vanilla game.
    Fixed a bug where some bot explosions were missing smoke effects.
    Fixed a bunch of error messages in the logs.
    Adjusted anti-torpedo defenses to make them more reliable.

    Bumblebee - Mines no longer lose all their HP after 30 seconds; instead just self-destruct after 18.

    Boom - Buffed because these were always bad in PO.
    Cost 135 -> 90
    Speed 30 -> 35

    Crasher - Was way too strong, made air almost useless.
    Damage 30 -> 20
    Splash radius 20 -> 12

    Gil-E - Energy use increased (and this was something I was sitting on for a while so I can't remember why)
    Energy per shot 4000 -> 5000

    Bluehawk (or whatever I call it in PO) - No longer uses energy.

    Mend - Cost reduction, energy use in line with other combat fabbers.
    Cost 500 -> 450
    Energy use 15 -> 1000

    Land Mine - Now builds in strips (iirc; I was sitting on this for some time for some reason); renamed to XM-57 to not be boring. /shrug

    Manhattan - Large buffs because this unit just wasn't great in its role of armored heavy explosive (but not nuclear explosive)
    Speed 16 -> 18
    HP 4000 -> 5000

    Avenger - Move speed buff to differentiate from Legion counterpart
    Speed 70 -> 85

    Comet - Cost and damage change
    Cost 4000 -> 5000
    RoF 0.75 -> 1

    Osprey - HP buff
    HP 280 -> 315

    Purger - Splash buff
    Splash Damage 100 -> 450

    Locust - Buff since these were previously useless in PO
    Damage 10 -> 20 (matches vanilla and I really don't know why it was so low before)

    Guardian - Density increased from the abnormally low values it had before
    HP 125 -> 135
    Cost 90 -> 125
    Metal Draw 10 -> 12

    Lancer - Reworked to be closer to normal legion because it was just an awkward unit before.
    HP 90 -> 190
    Speed 15 -> 13
    ROF 10 -> 0.61
    Range 130 -> 125
    Damage 2 -> 160

    Imperator - Tesla cannon nerfed, meteoroid drones added (matches normal legion except it launches fewer drones)
    Cost 6000 -> 6500
    Tesla cannon damage 2500 -> 1000
    Tesla cannon RoF 0.1 -> 0.15

    Viper - Adjusted to be more different from avengers
    HP 165 -> 185
    Speed 80 -> 70
    RoF 0.7 -> 0.8

    Templar - No longer launches meteoroid drones, launches new hover drones instead. Higher damage and HP but can't target air and are considered hover units instead of air units.
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    Thank you for this mod but it needs an update to work. Currently I am having no build bar glitch with this mod. I installed only this mod since I downloaded the game so I am afraid it needs some work. Thanks again. Please don't abandon the mod
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    you may wanna look at the date the OP was online, i´m afraid stuart left the forum ..
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    There was a forum bug that was preventing me from logging in since mid-late May. Seems to have been fixed now.

    I'm aware with the issues with PO and fixing it is on my todo list but I can't make it a priority right now. I suggest disabling the mod until I eventually update it.
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    When I enable Planetary Obliteration, I get "Conflicting unit server Mods 2". I had Legion mod enabled at that time.
  7. MrTBSC

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    to my knowledge PO uses some legionunits for the MLA sooo no compatability with the legionmod itself, also the ballance is vastly different ..
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    PO is not compatible with Legion, you can use one or the other.
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    I have a problem were i cant build anbything there is nothing in the build bar !
  10. lulamae

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    Look 4 posts prior to yours. The author has no eta for updating this mod and recommends disabling it

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