[WIP][Server] PA Alpha: Warrior's Dreams

Discussion in 'Work-In-Progress Mods' started by thetrophysystem, December 1, 2014.

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    Ah, I remember all the things we wished for in Alpha as far as balance goes. I will try to make a mod that captures some of that balance. It will be like Statera but vanilla so no unit additions unless possibly highly requested in the Unit Suggestions thread.

    Ideas so far:
    -Spring-like tech tree (commander can't build nukes, but advanced?)
    -No overlapping roles in advanced (at least semi-strictly, advanced will not be more powerful, and t1 will be cheaper to mass, but advanced will have niche roles)
    -This should be easily possible to AI mod, compared to my pain in the *** "Commander & Conquest"

    Suggest anything else you remember from the pre-alpha pretty-much-kickstarter-only suggestions on how PA should have been developed.

    This is not proving a point that current direction of development ignored early suggestions, it ended up alright, but now that we have server mods we might as well fulfill fantasies.
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    You mean XTA tech tree?
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    Could do like what I did with my factory, have the basic ones be able to build most if not all unit types, but the advanced ones are better macro factory, with access to advanced fabbers too.

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