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    Hey, I'm currently working on an MLA subfactions mod. There's currently no plan to do custom modelling or even texturing, but if someone else jumps on the project, that will be added too. There will eventually be 4 subfactions, corresponding each to one of the lore factions. Each subfaction will be assigned 1 commander:
    Nemicus = Foundation
    Osiris = Revenants
    Invictus = Legonis Machina
    ??? = Synchronous

    Because the Legonis Machina's name resembles that of the Legion, it will be referred to as the Imperium Machina from now on, with the Imperium being the state and the Legonis being the military; as it is a military state, they are one and the same.

    It will inherit licenses from the Legion expansion, as I will utilize some assets from it. I have already borrowed the shield generator code from the Legion Team.

    Foundation is currently playable, sans support for hotkeys or hotbuild. Foundation will continue to receive balance updates and bug fixes.

    Outline of future plans:
    Foundation: Repair, high hp/metal ratios
    Revenants: Reclaim, lower hp, passive regeneration, converting wreckage into units(?)
    Imperium Machina: Fabbers doubling as combat units (and vice-versa), offensive turrets
    Synchronous: T1.5, no T2, highly specialized unit roles

    Each faction will have access to one modified Titan and lose access to another Titan.
    Foundation: No Ares. Mithras replaces Atlas and serves as a frontline support titan (shields)
    Revenants: No Atlas. Athena replaces Ares and serves as an intel denial titan (radar jamming, fake unit generation)
    Imperium Machina: No Ares. Janus replaces Zeus and serves as a transportation titan (teleporter creation)
    Synchronous: No Zeus or Atlas. Poseidon (maybe other name?) serves as a naval-based fabrication and carrier titan.

    Current Progress:


    Thank you to Nicb1, Stuart98, wondible, and others for the help I have received.

    Thank you to billthebluebot, Nimzodragonlord, Bot 1, and many others for giving me feedback and ideas.
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    FOUNDATION (functionally "complete"):


    1.2x energy production (2000 -> 2400)
    3.0x metal storage (1500 -> 4500)
    0.33x energy storage (45000 -> 15000)

    All Factories:
    1.2x energy usage per second

    Metal Storage:
    2.0x capacity (20000 -> 40000)

    Energy Storage:
    0.5x capacity (100000 -> 50000)

    Energy Plant:
    33% smaller build distance (15 -> 10)
    Smaller Mesh size ([5,5,5] -> [10,10,11.3]

    Energy Plant (circle) {new unit}:
    Same as energy plant, but built in a circular formation.

    Advanced Energy Plant:

    Font of Creation (new unit):
    Stationary fabber
    150 metal per second
    200 range
    Costs 2000 metal
    Does not use energy

    0.83x movement speed (12 -> 10)

    0.71x movement speed (14 -> 10)

    Martyr (replaces Boombot):
    0.83x damage (600 -> 500)

    Priest (replaces Stitch):
    0.21x cost (300 -> 62.5)
    1.5x health (50 -> 75)
    0.5x metal usage per second (30 -> 15)
    1.33x range (60 -> 80)
    0.83x movement speed (12 -> 10)
    Does not use energy
    Cannot reclaim
    Cannot build Mines

    Bishop (replaces Mend):
    0.33x cost (1200 -> 400)
    2.0x health (150 -> 300)
    1.67x metal usage per second (60 -> 100)
    1.33x more range (75 -> 100)
    Only builds Passageways (Teleporters) and Shrines (Walls)
    Does not use energy
    Cannot reclaim


    Crusader (replaces Inferno):
    0.6x cost (225 -> 135)
    2x range (20 -> 40)
    0.1x damage (100 -> 10)
    1.2x speed (10 -> 12)
    2.0x acceleration (180 -> 360)

    Zealot (replaces Leveller):
    1.1x health (1500 -> 1650)
    0.92x range (120 -> 110)
    0.5x rate of fire (1 -> 0.5)
    5.0xprojectiles per attack (2 -> 10)
    2.33x splash radius (3 -> 7)
    0.17x splash damage (300 -> 50)
    0.83x yaw rate (30 -> 25)
    ∞x yaw firing arc (0? -> 40)

    Paladin (replaces Vanguard):
    Repairs units within 40 range for 80 metal per second
    Does not use energy
    Radar removed



    Omen (replaces Phoenix):
    0.7x metal cost (820 -> 574)
    1.5x health (300 -> 450)
    1.4x movement speed (80 -> 112)
    2.67x rotation speed (270 -> 720)
    5.0x acceleration and brake (80 -> 400)
    0.2x vision radius (150 -> 30)
    0.67x range (120 -> 80)
    0.17x fire rate (3 per second -> 0.5 per second)
    1.33x shot damage (150 -> 200)
    20.0x more AoE damage (10 -> 200)
    2.0x AoE radius (.75 -> 1.5)
    Omnidirectional Targeting

    Redeemer (replaces Kestrel):
    1.5x metal cost (600 -> 900)
    1.67x health (300 -> 500)
    0.5x fire rate (4 per second -> 2 per second)
    0.9x less range (80 -> 72)
    1.5x shot damage (20 -> 30)
    0.5x projectile velocity (150 -> 75)
    2.0x projectile lifespan (2 -> 4)
    Added weak anti-air weapon (equivalent to 2 Hummingbirds, but 60 range instead of 100)

    Saint (replaces Angel):
    0.1x metal cost (5500 -> 550)
    0.7x health (1000 -> 700)
    2.0x speed (30 -> 60)
    0.67x repair range (120 -> 80)
    Does not use energy
    Missile interception removed


    Vicar (replaces Barnacle):
    2x health (500 -> 1000)
    Does not use energy.
    Cannot reclaim.
    Cannot build.
    Group preference changed to back.

    1.11x movement speed (9 -> 10)
    Group preference changed to back.

    Halcyon (new unit):
    Tanky low-range hover unit.
    Only attacks submerged units.
    350 range Sonar.


    Oathkeeper (replaces Orca):
    1.08x metal cost (600 -> 650)
    1.2x health (1500 -> 1800)
    0.69x range (180 -> 125)
    Both normal weapons removed.
    Fires barrage of 6 missiles, doing 75 damage each, every 2 seconds.
    Missiles are more likely to fail to acquire targets at max range.
    Can only target watersurface and ground.

    Borealis (new unit):
    Rapid-firing anti-orbital and anti-air unit with 250 (massive) range.
    Does 1200 DPS split on up to 25 different targets.
    Cannot target ground, naval, or submerged units.
    Requires 2000 energy per second to maintain weapons.


    Prelate (replaces Solar Array):
    0.5x health (1000 -> 500)
    4.0x move speed, acceleration, brake (10 -> 40)
    No energy generation
    Repairs units within 250 range for 400 metal per second
    Does not use energy


    Mithras (replaces Atlas):
    (currently underpowered, probably)
    3.0x health
    Earthquake attack removed
    Mobile Shield Generator
    Bombards nearby units with highly inaccurate AoE; obliterates Dox; nearly useless vs t2 units



    Shrine (replaces Wall):
    Repairs allies within 25 range for 1 metal per second

    Passageway (replaces Teleporter):
    2x cost (800 -> 1600)
    1.5x health (9750 -> 14625)
    Does not use energy

    Rapture (replaces Halley):
    1.5x metal cost (40000 -> 60000)
    2x effectiveness (1 Rapture = 2 Halleys)
    *needs testing
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    Imperium Machina:

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    Have you considered just giving each faction one style of Commander i.e. all Imperial Commanders are Legonis Machina, etc.
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    I was originally planning to do that, but it would leave no vanilla MLA commanders left, and I realized that there's an extreme imbalance in the quantity of commanders of each type.

    On the other hand, there are so many raptor commanders that I could easily split off half of them as vanilla MLA while allocating the rest as Foundation.
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    the teleporters don't work without energy
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    Stuart has fixed this as of yesterday.

    As of today, I have implemented orbital, which should be fully functional now.

    The only Foundation unit that will definitely be added, that has not been implemented yet, is the Ragnarok and the Font of Creation, the Foundation fabrication structure.

    edit: forgot that I also need to add in the unit cannon
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    Foundation is now essentially "complete".

    I need to figure out how to get buildbar tab selection hotkeys working, and to figure out how to get hotbuild2 to stop hating the mod.

    Foundation may get some decent balance changes though.

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