[WIP][SERVER] Exciting and Radical "Balance" Mod

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    Coming soon to a game near you: ER"B"M, a PA mod for only the most radical and coolest players.

    - All air units have very limited ammo except for the Icarus, so there's more opportunity to outplay them.
    - Overclocked Atlas, with faster movement speed and stomp rate.
    - Tactical missiles have been reworked - they now require manually firing them and cost 900 metal each, but deal massive splash damage.
    - Cheaper, faster Grenadiers and Sparks for the commander on a budget.
    - Vrooming T1 vehicles with increased speed. Drifters are a super-fast raiding unit and other T1 vehicles got a slight speed increase.
    - Amphibious Vanguards! (100% original idea definitely not taken from Neon's Equilibrium mod, in that mod they can shoot underwater too)
    - Sneaky GIL-Es that don't show up on radar!
    - Locusts that decay over time. Use them or lose them!
    - Decreased the costs of nukes, Manhattans, and antinukes to improve the frequency of giant explosions.
    - An Astraues that outruns Orbital Fabs.
    - Much cheaper but less effective T2 Mex and Jigs - all metal sources now produce 7 metal. Jigs also lost their storage and energy generation.
    - Better all around Omegas. Increased range against ground units, decreased cost, and splash damage on their guns. They also explode upon death, another idea I definitely didn't take from Neon. (Incidentally this buffs Anchors because they use the same weapon profile as Omegas, which kind of breaks Classic balance but who cares.)
    - Various other minor changes I really should have listed as I went so I could make an actual changelog.
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    those who consider this a reason to not ever check this mod ...

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