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    Zip Link -https://github.com/dreadnought101/com.pa.dreadnought.dreadnought_balance_mod/archive/main.zip

    Makes various balance changes to units for testing and theory crafting, specific details on forums or in notepad info


    ARES secondary guns not using full range
    Pirhannas being hit by T2 torpedoes

    CONSIDERING (some changes might be to hard for me to implement)

    ~Colonel (T2 Bot)
    -reduce metal cost 7000 to 6500

    ~Omega (Advanced Orbital)
    (Dev Idea: Make them actually counter avengers)
    -Add splash to anti-orbital weapons (2x65 damage every 1.00 seconds)
    --Full Damage radius: 1
    --Splash: 10x2 damage, radius 3

    -Re-add torpedo tubes from classic

    -Remove Jamming
    -Increase radar range 260 to 300

    (Dev Idea: The lob's current role is a 1-dimensional factory, not a defensive structure, this will change its role to units that have a limited life-span but have more impact)
    -Change ammo from dox to squall (Drone from Typhoon)

    -Remove or reduce energy power to 1000 and rely on solar arrays for orbital energy.
    -Remove energy storage and add energy storage as a mechanic for solar arrays.
    -Make death explosion only affect buildings
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    FULL BASE CHANGES (Changes from current base game) [Updated as of patch 115050]
    ~Stryker (T1 Vehicle)
    -Range decreased 80 to 70
    -Damage decreased 15x2 to 13x2
    -Movement Speed Increased 18 to 20

    ~Spinner (T1 Vehicle)
    -Rate of Fire increased 2.4 to 3.0 per second

    ~Grenadier (T1 Bot)
    -Range decreased 145 to 140
    -Firerate decreased 2.00 to 2.80 seconds (fires 40% less often, or 0.5 to 0.3 shots per second, and decreases 20dps to 14dps)
    -vision decrease 125 to 120

    ~Spark (T1 Bot)
    -Decreased range 70 to 65

    ~Locust (T2 Bot)
    -Deleted from the game
    -build cost increased 260 metal to 265

    ~Storm (T2 Vehicle)
    (Dev Idea: takes 3 shots to kill bombers instead of 2, but increase range for more coverage and utility for larger armies present in later stages of game)
    -range increased 100 to 120
    -damage decreased 4x15 to 4x10
    -Splash decreased 10 to 7
    -velocity increased 100 to 120
    -lifetime increased 15 to 18

    ~Hornet (T2 Air bomber)
    -range increase 180 to 200
    -vision radius increase 200 to 210
    -underwater vision radius 200 to 210

    ~Piranha (T1 Naval)
    (Dev Idea: Piranhas with torpedo changes lock down shorelines even against defense structures and grenediar/drifter retakes, this will reduce that power but increase their early game presence in naval engagements and raiding, metal increase is to slightly slow down overwhelming an opponent)
    -range decreased 130 to 110
    -metal cost increased 150 to 160
    -damage increased 20 to 24

    ~Barracuda (T1 Naval)
    -No Longer has radar stealth

    ~Narwhal (T1 Naval)
    (Dev Idea: Allows for air to play better around Narwhals but doesn't punish players for building narwhals early and getting caught out by early naval aggression)
    -Metal cost decreased 450 to 400
    -AA Weapon firerate 3.0/s to 2.4/s
    -AA Weapon damage decerased 25 to 20

    ~Barnacle (T1 Naval)
    (Dev Idea: Quality of life changes to let the Barnacle's speed match Orcas/Narwhals at 11 and allows it to repair more safely and consistently. Extra note, build range may be to big but want to try something extreme, will likely be 90 after)
    -speed increased 10 to 11
    -build range increased 65 to 120

    ~Atlas (Titan)
    -Health increased 40000 to 60000
    -full Damage radius decreased 80 to 60
    -splash damage raidus decreased 135 to 120 (damage still 8000)

    ~ARES (Titan)
    (Dev Idea: Makes killing it easier, and gives a real use to secondary guns)
    -Health decreased 80000 to 50000
    -secondary weapons range increased 220 to 350
    -secondary weapons velocity increased 140 to 225
    -secondary weapons lifetime increased 3.0 to 4.5

    ~Energy Storage
    -HP Reduced from 7500 to 5000
    -Metal Cost reduced 450 to 250
    -Storage increased 100,000 to 250,000

    Advanced Metal Extractor (T2)
    -Metal Cost reduced 2000 to 1800

    ~Single Laser Defense Tower (1 barrel)
    (Dev Idea: Adds more support against dox/strykers early game but is vulnerable to stronger T1 units, now 2 shots dox like it 2 shots strykers)
    -Metal Cost decreased 225 to 175
    -Range decreased 100 to 90
    -damage decreased 40 to 35

    ~Advanced Laser Defense Tower (T2 triple barrel)
    (Dev Idea: General T2 defense buffs)
    -Metal cost reduced 900 to 875
    -Range increased 120 to 140

    ~Flak Cannon (T2)
    (Dev Idea: General T2 defense buffs)
    -HP reduced 2000 to 1700
    -Metal cost reduced 900 to 750
    -Range increased 120 to 150

    ~Advanced Torpedo Launcher (T2)
    (Dev Idea: General T2 defense buffs)
    -metal cost reduced 1000 to 950
    -range increased 210 to 340
    -torpedo lifetime increased 5 to 8
    -Vision radius increased from 210 to 320
    -Underwater vision radius increased 200 to 320
    -Radar radius increased 210 to 340
    -Sonar radius increased 210 to 320

    ~Typhoon (T2 Naval)
    (Dev Idea: Typhoons launch squalls a little to quickly and even overwhelms units that should counter typhoons, but if enough squals build up, it should still be punishing)
    -Squal launchrate 2.0/s to 1.8/s

    ~Omega (Advanced Orbital)
    (Dev Idea: Make them actually counter avengers)
    -cost reduced 14000 to 12500
    -Add splash to anti-orbital weapons (2x65 damage every 1.00 seconds)
    -Increase max range from 150 to 175

    ~Solar Array
    (Dev Idea: Solar-power is GREEN! and best!)
    -HP Increase 1000 to 6000
    -Metal cost increased 1600 to 5000
    -Energy production increased 2500/s to 9000/s
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    Patch 1.1
    Added and Rejected recent 115050 changes (Parenthesis notes changes that were rejected or kept the older values in balance mod. Adjusted BASE NOTES if you get confused)

    -(Stryker speed increased from 18 to 20)
    -Ant Increased 90 to 120
    -(Grenediar vision decreased 125 to 120)
    -(Spark Range decreased 70 to 65)
    -Mend advanced combat fabricator decreased 1200 to 1000
    -(Spinner Increased Rate of Fire 2.4 to 3.0) [may adjust to 2.7 later]
    -(Pirhanna range decreased 110 from 120)
    -(barracuda Submarine no longer has stealth)
    -Horsefly cost decreased 2000 to 1800
    -Angel cost decreased 5500 to 5000
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    Patch 1.2
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