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    I don't see many people trying to make total conversions yet. I would like to see some and would like to make one myself. Maybe make some models for it, maybe let someone else create them and credit them, not sure yet.

    So, to really change things up, here's what I am thinking so far. I probably will edit this as things change?

    Possible Name: "Universal Unity" (possible campaign later down the line)

    • Contents:
      • Mechanics
        • Game Type
        • Economy
        • Commander
        • Progression
      • Tech Types
      • Units

    • Mechanics:
      • Game Type- There will be two game types, Full Tech where you start with a commander, and Faction Tech where you start with a subcommander.
      • Economy- Economy will be more storage based and less streaming based. Mexes will generate 10 metal, Pgens will generate 1 energy, Commanders and subcommanders will generate 20 metal and 2 energy. Commanders will store 5000 metal and 10 energy. Subcommanders will store 1000 metal and 10 energy.
      • Commanders- I will take a little bit of the "Variety" out of commanders. I plan to make a single selectable "Commander" and the rest of the commanders "SubCommanders", and in fact rename all the commanders by the greek alphabet and make the "Main Commander" the "Progenitor".
      • Progression- The tech tree starts with a commander, that can build at a rate of 500 metal a second and 10 energy a second, subcommanders worth 5000 metal, and in fact cannot assist normal construction. Subcommanders will have a theme and be able to build from it's theme and be balanced to have at least one answer to everything. It will build factories of that theme, factories will build units of that theme. I am considering making lesser fabbers unable to build vital "base" structures and proxy-like ones instead, if each faction even has fabbers.
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    • Tech Types:
      • Progenitor:
        • Assimilated- The progenitor is unique, he can build and control subcommanders to build and control all of the tech in existence. The capabilities are a league above, but he is a Bureaucratic class model; he is not capable of combat nor is capable of directly building anything for combat, while the models of commander assimilated under this commander model are Enforcement class models and are capable of defeating an army as well as building one.
        • Meet the Progenitor:- The (UU) universe is 25 billion years old. The Eta star is 4.5 billion years old. While most life participating in the interplanetary community usually is approaching a billion years old, the Progenitor boasts an existence of 12 billion years. It is unknown how it was undetected the whole time, but when it appeared it had investigated the interplanetary community and assimilated their tech under the Progenitor. The goal is Universal Unity, all life shoulder to shoulder as one people. The acceptable cost to this is the sovereignty of any of the governments, all of them must dissolve and follow under the Progenitor government and law. The biggest problem is the assimilation conditions, which varies and may quarantine some to ease their entry into the general population and/or tax some for large projects and division and/or ban certain things.
      • Eta:
        • Nano-Fabrication:
        • Meet the Eta- Eta are bipeds, average 60 kilos, hair in patches on their heads, five nimble fingers on their hands and five stubby toes on their feet, a joint in the center of each of 4 limbs, a torso containing vital organs and a head containing the brain that controls everything. Genetically derived from the blueprint of 23 chromosome pairs. These beings are as strange to the interplanetary community, as they are to it.
    They are not the most intellegent, but they have a signature technology they appear to have established unique to the rest of interplanetary life. They long since fabricate things using a central computer programmed with repair and construction, sending work orders to nanomachines that seamlessly flawlessly do the work. Large puddles of these can do huge projects fast, so it scales well. Ultimately, it is an advanced technology, possibly derived from their desire for an abundance of material items to suit their long-sheltered lifestyle.​
      • Beta:
        • Nanites:
        • Meet The Beta: A member of the space community encounters a Beta. Perhaps he is friendly, would like to extend a greeting. A Beta would likely extend a greeting back. "Greetings, we do not wish for a combat confrontation." Good, perhaps that is not desired. One might ask what they happen to be doing? "A classified user has assigned program. Program Follows: Collect resources, maintain friendly relations when addressed, increase unit count to increase collection." Simple enough, who doesn't pursue that? The strange thing is, that a Beta will proceed to reclaim the friendly encounter, their vehicle and their very person and all. They don't appear to be completely sentient, they unfortunately seem to reclaim anything besides another of their unit. Synonymous with an interplanetary virus, ever expanding, consuming all the resources, never aware as it does so.

        Oddly enough, they use nanomachines. The only technology it could have derived from, is Eta fabrication. Is this a coincidence, or related? If so, how?
      • Delta:
        • Reconnaissance:
        • Meet the Delta: Nobody was more surprised by the introduction of the Progenitor than the Delta. They have always specialized their entire society on technologies involving reconnaissance. They never required more than basic everyday combat model units you can find in any of the other interplanetary societies to maintain their survival. So how did something that has been around the whole time go undiscovered by them? How did they fail to detect them all the way until they made their strike?

      This did not upset the Delta. This only intrigued them. Their intelligence was generally accepted as very high even amongst the interplanetary community. They were smart enough to immediately side with the Progenitor, as odds were it was inevitable. They were smart enough to accomplish many things. They discovered more things about the universe than anyone else. The actions of the Progenitors only help them; they can become the most trusted to the Progenitor in order to obtain unobtainable information about the universe and history of existance from an eyewitness perspective. They are not at war with others, they are simply valiantly working to expand the knowledge of all things for everyone.
      • Theta:
        • Armor:
        • Meet the Theta: Nobody ever intentionally attacked the Theta since their very beginnings. They originate from a home with a dense rare composition of matter. They are themselves made of this dense composition, a true marvel of nature. They build things made of this dense composition, things that are durable and prove a waste of effort and practice of futility to intentionally assault it. The only assault that ever truly threatened them, was the Progenitor's, after discovering their mastery of matter manipulation on an atomic level could produce this dense material in their own fabrication.

      • Alpha:
        • Defence:
        • Meet the Alpha: Naturally a static creature, physically no more than a lifeform formed by a chain of communicating single-cell organisms, an Alpha is basically a community of bacteria that work together to function as a single conscience. They generally only fabricate things fixed in their position. This isn't a disadvantage for them, they never needed to handle anything besides where they currently are, but they have figured out how to fortify efficiency in their design by using the space mobility usually fits in. To other creatures, "static defences" are usually a fictional topic, as most actual combat units are mobile because they can just stand around the perimeter of something to defend it.
      • Omega:
        • Melee: Using efficiently honed precision plasma torches, at a reasonably close range but not necesarily even touching proximity, units armed like this are both quick in speed and quick in damage. Their assaults are countered if they are unable to get in range.
        • Meet the Omega: Most societies cease use of close range stabbing and slashing weapons early in their development. Eta's haven't used an assault with such a weapon since a bayonett rush when ammo supplies ran dry during their own civil wars in distant past history. Omega's are the exception, they never evolved past them. It is unknown whether it is some personal moral code, some religion, or some preference due to their physical traits, but they designed a weapon even to cut dense plate of combat units in the vacuum of space.
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    This certainly sounds like a total conversion... I'm intrigued.

    If the commander builds at 50 metal per second, and metal only produces at 1, how will anything actually be buildable?

    Is everything else going to build at a slower rate and cost very little?
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    The problem is the game isn't finished, so the mod will be broken by every patch.
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    Yeah, what you infered. The commander can only build intros to tech. You would need to store for several minutes to reach maximum storage, and with that storage would have enough for a second tech. However, units will cost singles, so hundreds can be built, and metal to build them with builds up slowly, more generous for you to quickly produce with it.

    Also, adjusted economy by 10, I will need those .1s to make minor tweaks. Wasn't sure, but decided I would, so I did. I dislike how complicated the numbers look, look so much simpler before, but I just need the in-between and can't use decimal numbers in costs because it rounds or crashes game, forget which.
    Hasn't stopped balance mods. Does make them annoying to make. I just feel like I made completely new systems for this game a time or two, so I know entirely different unit.jsons can be made and commander inheirentance and stuff be made to do special things, so I know you can start from a base_commander and do lots of things like different tech per commander and thus possibly factions and all.

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