Winners don't "gg" - mind your manners ...

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by Shwyx, August 3, 2014.

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    Nah, ideally uber will allow us to create binds for chat messages. No need to type out "I hope you outlive your children", or "I have twice as many balls and Tour de France victories as Lance Armstrong" every time, just press the + key!

    *note: I've never actually used these binds... but some guys I play with regularly do. Another guy has a bind that types out a random pan or conga pun because, y'know, TF2. Only bind I use is "I don't play this game to win, I play it to look good."
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    My sides hurt from laughing.
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    Thank you for bringing this to light. Unfortunately I now have no other goal but to play you and taunt you with a big old capital GG right before I win :)
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    All i'm taking with me from this thread is that apparently some of you folks picked up your online manners from korean starcrraft. What in the name of all excess metal does that have to do with my PA? Do you bow instead of shaking hands when you greet people IRL as well? Or do you kiss three times on each cheek?

    I'm not saying one or the other set of manners (sc or ta, europe, asia and the americas i dunno) is better i'm just saying it fine that they are different and no need to make them all the same. Ok so in korean pro sc its offensive to call early gg. For me the use of gg as a "ok i / we lost game over" is new and a bit strange. No matter how much zaphod does it or how many times i see it happen in dota. But it's fine, things mean different things in different places and communitys around the world, both IRL and URL so to speak.

    If i have a point with my little rambling it is just that. gg means one thing for me and one thing for somebody else and it's cool, i don't have to change anyones ways. Use it how you like but please don't get offended by me using it the way i'm used to. For me gg just means good game and is intended as a courtesy after games. So of course, like any courtesy, it can be used sarcastically or humorously. And i don't mind at all.
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    GG (good game) means exactly that.. good game... No one game like starcraft owns the right to how it means. people have been saying GG since the dawn of online gaming when a modem was no faster then a fax machine. Give it a rest already.
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    L O L
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    I never knew people were misinterpreting my gg's. Thanks OP, from now on I'll type it out.

    Get Good.
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    Get Good? Bacon OP! (Or Teamwork)
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    I think it depends when it is said.

    If you get a good start and say gg i consider it smack talk. Dont mind it just makes me play better.

    If you get a good start and I say gg. It's kinda like rage quiting. From here if you don't hear an explosion within 10 seconds you play on. Feel free to rub it in a bit. Maybe I will quit then.

    An early gg from me when I win is not an accident just a habit. If your com doesnt die I will say ah crap sorry tought I had you.

    If I say" gg get rekt son"I am most likely playing matiz.

    Basically when people say gg they mean well. Doesn't really matter when the say it. After over 10 years of TA I can safely say I have never said it as a bad gesture.
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    You're a new commander, fresh out of the birthing fires of re-entry.

    As you awake, you discover a new beautiful planet offering you it's bounty of metal and solar energy.

    You begin to explore this strange new world, and notice strange creatures flying in the distance, not sure where they came from. Nonetheless, you continue building your metal extractors, energy collectors, and factories.

    As you build your radar, you are given reports of multiple groupings of contacts surrounding your outpost.

    Unsure of the safety of the planet, you prepare an orbital vehicle to transfer you to another planet in the system.

    With production under way, you come under attack, and your units with first contact report in the enemy is giving no quarter.

    As your men begin to crumble under the combined fire of these brightly colored tribes, you strap into your SSTT shuttlecraft and input the coordinates to de-orbit near a modest patch of metal spots.

    As your staging kicks in, your last line of defense falls to the massive waves of enemy bombardment. Realizing the severity of the threat, you modify your orbit to wrap you around the sun, hoping to throw off the true target of your solar transfer.

    As you near your destination, you set up your defenses much faster, hoping to not be found.

    On and on you go, building even more advanced units and buildings, and you begin to feel confident you can return to the first planet and conquer whoever remains there.

    The radar orbits the planet, finding nothing but the burnt shells of countless battles strewn all across the land and sea.

    You quickly scatter more orbital radar stations to scour the other moons orbiting the star of this unknown system, when you receive a non-encrypted communication.

    Opening the message, it mysteriously only says "gg"

    Wondering who had sent this, or what this message could even mean, you glance over the latest reconnaissance intelligence your minions have collected for you.

    All seems normal, so you proceed to update the plans to increase the force of your space fighters and satellite defense stations.

    As you go to inspect the installations, a red alert pings, and another copy of the strange message pings across your communication relay.

    Encrypting your final command log entries, you cant help but wonder again about the mysterious message, and if it has something to do with the unexpected cascade of tactical warheads barraging your key defenses, and the behemoths being de-orbited into your infrastructure, plasma melting through even the most rugged constructions you've constructed.

    Looking around you, your strength has been swept aside in an instant.

    Surrounded by massive weapons of war, you receive yet another communication, this time an audio transmission,
    the voice cackling with an odd amount of enthusiasm and cockiness.

    "haha, watch this! ggggg"

    You bunker down over the black box, that any allies may recover it to defeat this foe, and shut off as the final barrage of tactical nukes descend, accompanied by the thundering applause of a thousand heavy tanks sending their final shells, sealing your fate.

    And the final line to flash through your processor as the fire blooms around you, both angering you and confusing you, the mysterious 'gg'
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    I say gg when I had a fun time playing, and also when I lauched a planet and youre about to die and i had a good time playing.
    So if you are alive when I call gg, watch the sky :p

    But if you must have rules:
    GG = vely good game sil
    gg = good game
    ggicayatmvsynt = good game, i concede and you are the mighty victor see you next time*
    !gg = not a good game

    * could write the "sy" from see you as "cu" but I guess the forum filters will kick in then.
  12. optimi

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    I like to say gg in the lobby as I know that I've basically already lost.
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  13. borkyborkbork

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    I really don't care what Starcrap II's etiquette is. JFnChrist... I'm an old fogey that's been saying GG for 19 years whenever I want.

    Not going to change that because some newfangled etiquette was invented 4 years ago on some game I've never liked playing.

    EDIT: GG :)
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    So 'GG' should be offered by the defeated (or soon to be defeated) first, and only then can the victor respond with 'GG' to maintain etiquette.

    Perhaps the appropriate 'victor first' message could be STBU or STBY: Sucks To Be You.

  15. thebigpill

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    If there's anything I hate it's people 2kool4gg. To me, saying GG is a sign of respect towards your opponent as a player. Perceived skill of a player should have absolutely nothing to do with that respect. It should be there by default.
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    GG is older than StarCraft and just means "Good Game".

    It seems indeed that in StarCraft there is the etiquette for the loser to say GG first. This is not StarCraft and as far as I know, no other game has this etiquette for GG.
    In Dota2 they're using "EZ" to insult you when you loose, because Good Game by definition, just doesn't cut it.
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    :( Sounds like you need a bit of coaching...
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    I say gg wp after every game win or lose well at least 99% of the time, if I win it is not to be a douche, it is actual manner to say gg wp even if you win if you take it as offensive perhaps you should stop playing games and go back to teletubbie land, is it not still a good game weather you win or lose, now I can see if you type gg before the game is over like you are about to kill them or you think you won, but when the game is done and win or lose typing gg or gg wp, should not be offensive, the game is over, if the player that lost can`t enjoy the game then why play it?
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  19. foerest

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    gg wp no re!
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    oh come on ... i mean .. realy? ... REALY? we are tearing ourselfs apart for not using 2 letters propperly that actualy dont matter in the slightest ... are you telling me you are putting so much social value in just 2 letters ... not a insulting word or sentence but merely 2 darn letters ?
    am i the only one that finds that rediculous?
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