What mods are "essential" ?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussions' started by carn1x, March 25, 2016.

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    Typically with games abandoned by their developers (and this debate-ably seems to be the case now with PA), mods and community patches are generally the way to go. Is there any sort of list of essential mods/patches that exists or general consensus above mods that really only improve the game? I know "improve" is subjective, but things like adding more flexible UI, controls, bug fixes, etc., over time can often be seen as essential, just wondering if we are at that stage yet?
  2. Killerkiwijuice

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    PA Stats
    All mods by mikeyh
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  3. proeleert

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    PA Chat
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  4. stuart98

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    Totes Galactic Annihilation

    System Sharing, compact system view, and all of the map packs.

    Green Fab Spray. Bigger Explosions.
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  5. cptconundrum

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    Cover The Line
    Fabricator Commander
    Faster Server Browser For Titans And Classic
    Infinite Build Continuous Build Stance
    PA Bug Fix For Invisible Battleship (Leviathan)
    Strip Mining For Titans And Classic
    System Sharing For Titans And Classic
    PA:T | More Pew Pew
    Queller AI v3.3

    These cover more than the "essential," but I think they probably match what you're asking for best.
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  6. proeleert

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    Don't use "Infinite Build" better use "Continuous build stance" cause it works better with server-mods that add/change factories.
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  7. carn1x

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  8. Quitch

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    All the stuff I can't live without:
    • Auto Start Game - launch that lobby as soon as all players are ready
    • Better System View - metal per planet count
    • Connect Buttons - needed to reconnect to custom servers
    • Contact Replays - load replays from anyone in the contacts list
    • Continuous Build Stance - infinite build on by default
    • Don't Look At Me! - don't zoom to Commander on spawn
    • Hotbuild2 - the best hotkey system
    • No Default System - don't load a system when entering a lobby until one is chosen
    • No Splash - removes initial splash, allows you to play offline if PlayFab is down
    • PA Chat - global chat
    • Queller AI - improved AI by me
    • Team Colored Chat - easier to tell who's talking in relation to the game
    • Twenty-Four Hours - because am/pm is for weenies
    • UI tweaks - removes the group control bar and gives me more display space
    Also a whole bunch of map packs.

    If I played more Galactic War then I'd check out:
    • No GW Video - removes the GW intro video
    • GW Shared Systems - uses systems from the Shared Systems mod in Galactic War
    • GW Ramp - an attempt at a smarter difficulty curve
    Once the Legion Expansion is out, a mod which adds a second faction equivalent in size and quality to the original, I'd wholeheartedly recommend that too.

    It's not.
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  9. ljfed

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    I wouldn't call most of these mods essential but once you start using a particular mod you get accustomed to it and can't play without it anymore.
    For me the most essential mod is hotbuild2 but that is only because I am used to using it, you could play perfectly fine without it. I know there are a few good players who play without many mods at all.

    In saying that a lot of the mods mentioned are very useful.
  10. Quitch

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    Yeah, I mean hotbuild2 is the only "could simply not play without" mod. But never underestimate the joy of ease of use :)
  11. tatsujb

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    When it comes to mods I only stick with the bear minimum essentials.


    (no but seriously why has noone mentioned Ubermap yet?)
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  12. Nicb1

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    Yeah yeah whatever.

    Same with coloured fx mods since they make units even hidden by fog of war distinguishable. We've had this discussion before.

    Need I remind you that pip exists as well but some lower end computers can't make use of them. It's as "cheaty" as making use of pip.
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  13. elodea

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    actually i found continuous build stance mod to be buggy when selecting groups of factories where some have continuous and others not.

    Infinite build doesn't have dynamic support for new modded units, but it's pretty reliable if you are just playing vanilla PA
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  14. jackburton176

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    Improved Graphics
    PA:T | More Pew Pew
    CPlosion Titans
    Subdued Booster
    Soft Landing
    Fast Click
    Remove Alert PIPs
    Green Fab Spray
    Commander Tele Landing
    Rainbow Circle Ring

    Quality of Life improvements
    Favourite Colour
    No Default System
    Fast Delete
    Auto Start Game for Titans & Classic
    Circle to Line mod
    Blueprint Info Framework
    Floating Framework
    Chrono Click
    Team Uber Cannon Color
    Clean Control Bar
    No splash
    Soft Landing
    Display Rank Client for Titans & Classic
    Don't Look at me!
    Selected Unit Secondary Colour
    In space, no one can hear you explode
    UI Enhancements

    Better Micro
    Strip Mining for Titans & Classic
    Cover the line
    Anchor Buttons
    combat fabricator group deselect

    Better Macro
    Eco Manager
    Infinite Build
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  15. tracert

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    This is a great little mod. I hope it gets an update.
  16. ZakTheEvil

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    If I were to pick one then "No Default System" would be it. I see a lot of other mods conflict and break some things within the game so I haven't found them worthwhile. And the custom planets, of course.

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