Vote for what maps i should try an make!

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votes for the maps!

  1. Cat Vs Mouse

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  2. Surival

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  3. Tower Defense

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  4. Forttress defense

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    Cat vs Mouse

    off of the Starcraft:BW idea Cat vs Mouse will be a game where someone is the "CAT" AKA haves 20 metal spots and the mice are everyone alce! they have to run find a safe spot then build up units and stuff befor the cat's followers kill them!


    my own idea one player has 20 metal spots the others have none thay have to surive untill the biger planet smash into the planet thay are on to win

    Tower Defense

    same as Surival but the players have 2 metal spots but the one player still has 20 and needs to go throw a lane then up an ramp to kill the commander

    Forttress defense

    2 teams one fortress team 1 is at the top of the fortress and needs to defend it well team 2 needs to destroy the fortress here's the thing...

    one player in eatch team has 20 metal spots the others have 0

    so the other commanders need to act like "Hero" units so to speek and the commander with 20 metal spots needs to heal them with combat fabs

    thoes are my map ideas! vote away!

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