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    This is a replacement for the previous thread as it got a little off track.

    VoW are a primarily German speaking multigaming clan. Our PA section is currently stepping up recruitment again as a few of our old guard have fallen foul of other commitments. We still have an active core contingent of players but some new blood would definitely be welcome.

    We welcome players of any ability, experts looking for a regular team, or absolute beginners who want a hand climbing PA's steep learning curve. We primarily for fun and to be sociable, though it would be great to field a few teams in future tournaments.

    As mentioned we mostly speak German, but if any English speakers want to drop by we're generally happy to accommodate.

    Anyone wishing to join should drop by our TS, details can be found by registering on our forums (under Menu->Server); sending a PM to @furballman or me; or contacting us in game via PAStats chat. After a few games if you decide to join simply us the "join us" form on our forums.

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