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    I see from the alpha streams that the N key is used to align the viewpoint to north/south.

    However, it would be pretty darn handy to have a way of creating one or more viewpoint bookmarks, so you could instantly snap there with a keystroke (or even HUD icons). It would be handy for returning the viewpoint to your base, or setting it to the new enemy base you've just discovered - much faster than scrolling, particularly if the viewpoint you've set is on the opposite side of the planet from your base.

    I could see this coming in even handier when play ensues on multiple astral bodies.

    Perhaps even a pop-up panel with bookmark buttons that show graphical snapshots of where they represent? Could be similar in appearance and functionality as Alt+Tab on Windows systems. Not as convenient as keystrokes, but would avoid cluttering the HUD if that's a concern.
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    The way I envision things working (once it's fully coded into the game) is that your multiple-viewport system is going to be like a scalable bank of security monitors.

    Having a system in place like you mentioned to have a series of 'static cameras' bookmarked and be able to pull up View X on Viewport Y and toggle between set display areas would be incredibly handy. I haven't yet had my first cup of coffee this morning, so if that doesn't make sense let me know and I'll rephrase it once my brain is fully awake.
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    This would make large play areas much easier to work with. Uber might look to multi-monitor tiling window managers such as i3 for control ideas. In particular, the ability to set up tiled viewports across one or more displays and then assign views to them dynamically is great.

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