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    Came on today to try to find the maps I made a couple years ago and couldn't find them. Ended up finding out that this forum has now been split into PA and PA:Titans separate forums and for some reason my maps were put in the original PA forum. Kind of surprised me given that I made my maps using PA:Titans, not the base PA game. So I'm copying my maps here because this is the correct forum section for it. Plus it makes it easier for me to find it later for when I set up some games with friends.

    I originally made this map about a year or 2 ago and I've had a lot of fun playing on it. Today I thought I would share it in case anyone else was interested in it.

    NOTE: Fair warning it's a huge map. Even on my system I have run into issues where it will completely populate my 16GB of RAM late game with 10 opponents. But if at least a little bit more memory than 16GB you should be able to run it. But even if you do have 24GB or memory or more, you'll need a decent CPU to push. Even on my 2600K, late game with thousands of units the simulation will slow to 50% an lower. I even saw it go as low as 31% at one point but mostly hovered around 51% and 41% late game.

    This is a map of our solar system in 3 variants. Some of it I "tried" to get planets to be representative of their real counterparts (ie size and appearance but not orbits). But at the same time I took some artistic license for gameplay purposes, balance and variety.

    Celestial Bodies Included: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid 1, Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede, Saturn, Titan, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Charon, Valhalla

    Smashable bodies (Rockets Required): Mercury (5), Earth's Moon (3), Respawnable Asteroid (1), Pluto (5), Charon (3)

    Moons: Moon, Europa, Ganymede, Titan, Charon (Maybe I should rename earth's moon Luna instead of simply Moon?)

    Gas Giants: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus

    Note: Yes I know I haven't included every moon for every planet. I picked and chose the one's I've included for gameplay purposes and due to the limits of both the engine and my own computers resources. So I tried to strike a balance between playability, scale and fun.

    Unique Gameplay Locations:

    Valhalla is a metal planet that obviously does not exist in real life. Added for gameplay variety purposes. Huge with extremely high metal resources. I fear it could be gamebreaking in competitive games hence the variants I've made for this map.

    Titan I've made a completely frozen water moon. There's a lot of water with some small glacier like land masses, but there are no land based metal resource locations. So if you want to hold this moon, you'll have to have a strong navy and likely use the small land masses for building either air factories or orbital launchers to reinforce your position.

    Ganymede I've made a completely forest moon for no other reason than to shake things up and add gameplay location variety.

    Starting Planets (starting spawnable): Venus, Earth and Mars - No spawning on the metal planet, sorry. No spawning on smashable moons/asteroids. This decision was made to promote a more interesting game start. Do you hold your position and try your luck to control the starting planet. Or do you make a beeline for orbital launcher and try your luck on controlling another planet. Or do you go for broke and race the 5-10 minute long journey to be the first to land on the metal giant. Either way, you expand. The question is when.

    Map Variants:

    ValhallasAshes Sol System - This is the original map I created.

    ValhallasAshes Sol System (No Metal Planet) - This is the same map as the original except with Valhalla, the metal planet completely removed. But I also added a second asteroid to the map. The map will initially generate with a single respawnable asteroid just like the original map, but will also after some time, spawn a second asteroid. So the map could potentially have 2 smashable asteroids in the asteroid field at the same time. After smashing one asteroid a new asteroid will respawn after a certain amount of time.

    ValhallasAshes Sol System (King of the Hill) - This is the same map as the original except Valhalla, the metal planet now acts as a "King of the Hill" planet, because I completely removed all of the metal nodes on the entire planet. Valhalla has absolutely zero metal nodes in this version. Which means, you will have to completely supplement all of your metal needs off planet. Whether that's on one of the various normal planets or moons, or one of the various gas giants that many will be fighting for. This means that in order to fight for or hold this planet, you will be forced to split your forces to take this planet while defending your other resources. And since the planet is as big as I could possibly make it (it's huge), it means there's a lot of ground to cover, so even if you can take it, you will have to devote a lot of resources just to hold it. And that's not even counting the amount of time you'll need just to build the structures needed to fire it.

    The original aim of this map was to create as big of a map as possible using the real world analog of our own solar system while at the same time making enough variety and gameplay opportunities to make it fun to play on.

    I hope you like it, or at least one of them.


    Solar System For Scale:

    Rendered in a match:

    Earth and it's moon:

    Saturn and it's moon Titan:

    Jupiter and it's moons Europa and Ganymede:

    Pluto and it's moon Charon:

    Valhalla (furthest planet from the sun on the map):



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