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    So with the Steam sales me and a friend bought PA: TITANS and downloaded it. We were able to play a few games, turned the game off, went to sleep and came back the day after.
    While my friend had no problems or anything, i got black screens and the game not responding each time i tried to launch it. After around 20 attempts, it worked, we were happy and called it a day.
    But then the same problem happened again, and two things were noticeable:
    - When i tried to download the PA launcher instead of using the Steam one, it was all pink and didn't work
    - And after trying again and again on Steam, it worked, but the game told me i needed to upgrade my game to Titans in order to play with my friend.

    As a result, we couldn't play and were pretty sad.
    Today, I tried to launch the game again, had the same problem, and checked even more forums and discussions to find a solution. I actually did find a way to make the game launch consistently, by using the modern Semi-stable version.

    But it still said i needed to upgrade it to Titans.
    And when i go on Steam, it says:
    - Planetary Annihilation is on your library.
    - Only shows me "Offer PA Titans as a gift to a friend" instead of the usual "Add to cart" button
    - And still says i can buy the upgrade to Titans.

    I'm pretty confused, so here's the situation i'm in. Some help would be appreciated x)

    Since the name "Crumble" was already taken, i changed it to "YCrumble". This is the name i used to play with my friend. Now, it's back to "Crumble (2)" and it says "YCrumble" is litteraly another account. I don't know if I messed up the accounts settings, but they're both supposed to be only one account.

    When my friend checks the replays of the account i'm using at the moment, "Crumble (2)", he sees nothing. But when he checks the replays of the "YCrumble" account, wich i don't have access to, he sees the two games we played together.
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    Regarding the pink launcher, one player had luck by changing their computer's name, making sure the computer name is all letters and no special characters.

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