Update to making purchases through the UberLauncher version of Titans

Discussion in 'PA: TITANS: General Discussion' started by wyao, March 27, 2017.

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    Hello fans!

    We wish to inform you that, as of today 27th of March, you will no longer be able to make purchases through the Uberlauncher version of PA and Titans. This change comes about due to our payment service provider changing their terms, which means we will no longer be working with them. This does not affect your ability to play the game, nor will it remove any purchases you have already made.

    This does not affect any users that are using the Steam version of PA and Titans, as those go through the Steam backend. If you still wish to purchase commanders or an upgrade to Titans and need a Steam key, please contact support@uberent.com and we will assist you in converting your key to Steam.
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