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Discussion in 'Mapping and stuff' started by mered4, September 1, 2015.

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    Hey folks! I've been testing and running through these big systems to make sure they are both fun to play and have fair spawns.

    Here's the basic ruleset I use when creating these sorts of maps, just to give you an idea of what I've created:

    1. Asymmetrical spawn locations
    2. 3 spawn planets maximum
    3. No more than 7 planets per system.
    4. Small gas giants only.
    5. Give everyone enough metal to have a fighting chance (10 or so mex).
    6. Works for FFAs and Team games

    Anyway. I've got three in the prototype stage right now. More soon.

    The Czar's Rift
    Massive main planet with only 150 mex. Two small moons orbit the primary, but only one is smashable. Can you dominate the main planet and prevent the apocalypse from above?

    A Song of Ice and Fire
    The planets Ice and Fire orbit a cold gas giant. But beware: four smashable moons lurk between the two primary worlds. Will you seek to dominate the lands of ice and fire, or cast your lot in the stars?

    Mered4's Salty Lava Tears
    Three spawn planets, one smash moon. Choose wisely: naval wars, ground brawls, or a mix of both? Or maybe you hate one of those playstyles with a burning passion. Smash it to bits with the moon so you don't have to worry about that pesky naval/ground battlefield ever again!
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    Pics or it Doesn't Exist
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    Hey now! This stuff takes time :D

    I've also added another map that needs further testing. :)
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