Unplayable with a 4k monitor

Discussion in 'Support!' started by Bledadeva, April 18, 2016.

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    My screen flickers every time I try to go full screen. I have a 4k monitor that goes up to 3840x2160. I tried setting my native desktop resolution to 1080p but when I launch the game and switch to full screen, the screen flickers. Using windowed mode lowers my fps immensely, I get about 15fps in a 2v2 mid game. I even tried to set my desktop resolution to 1080p and still play in windowed mode and my fps will dip to around 15fps.
    Why aren't I able to play this game? Does it mean I can't play PA Titans because I have a 4k monitor? Can I get a refund because I'm not able to play it?

    - I just checked google for similar problems and I only see threads from 2014... The devs remade this game into a new one and still didn't add this support?

    Core i7 6700k @4.0ghz
    16gb ddr3
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