Units keep target even after sight and radar is lost.

Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by underscore1112, November 8, 2018.

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    I have a concern I would like to bring up. Once a unit has been given a specific target, it does not lose the target once the owning player loses all vision and radar coverage of the target. This means that without vision or radar converage, a unit will blindly yet accurately fire upon and pursue its specificied target.
    This leads to situations such as:
    1. A boom bot no longer has vision of a fab, but continues to pursue it blindly with complete accuracy.
    2. An Areas or some other long ranged unit locked onto a commander will continue to fire on the commander if the player loses both vision and radar coverage of the unit.

    I believe this is more of an exploit/bug more than it is a feature.
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    I Just saw this Yesterday the First time. While endgame i pushed a small group of levelers agains enemy Commander. It was moving away while my levelers were obstacled in some factory wreckackes anderen therefore we lost sight to enemy Commander. But the levelers kept on Shooting and targeting accurately.A bit problematic.

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