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    This tread is for suggesting units, buildings and weapons that you would like to see in the game.
    Post your ideas! They can be small, big or massive. If you have an artistic side, let it flow, and post images of your ideas.

    Here's mine

    Gas giant planet changer orbital weapon:
    Class: Super Weapon
    Description: The weapon would essentially be a big electromagnetic gun that messes with a rocky planet's core. The effects would be a dramatic change in the core's temperature, heating or cooling the planet and changing it's surface. If the weapon is fired long enough the planet would literally change class.
    Ex: Terran to Ocean / Ocean to Venus / Terran to volcanic
    The change would destroy any unit unfit for that kind of planet. This would force the player to adapt to the new planet.
    The weapon would take a lot of space on the gas giant so it will be hard to miss. It would also have tubes stretching down into the atmosphere like tentacles to suck on helium 3 for power.
    Weakness: Size, capture able, time to build and energy cost.

    Class: Organic weapon
    Description: In the old days, when computers were the size of a house, they also had bugs. Real ones, that got fried on circuit boards and caused problems.
    What I'm suggesting is the deployment of genetically engineered bugs that would infest rocky planets and spread from unit to unit and buildings until the entire planet is infested. The effect would be a gradual drop in HP as the bugs gets fried on wires or gets squashed in moving parts.
    The downside would be that they don't make the difference between players. So it could very well backfire if your on the same planet.
    Defense: Nuke infested unit or send them back in the enemy camp before they spread.

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