"Uber launcher could not extract files"

Discussion in 'Support!' started by wardobeardo, January 3, 2021.

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    Just bought a brand new laptop and I haven't played PA in a few years, I logged into my account and downloaded the PA installer, but when I run the launcher I get a pink screen and an error message that says "uber launcher needs access to write Coherent support files. It was unable to extract some required files, and will now exit. Try restarting the Uber launcher." Restarting the uber launcher does nothing, uninstalling and re installing does nothing, Running as admin does nothing. It'd be really nice to be able to play this game again without having to buy it. I have a beta key, also my laptop is a 16gig i72.4 ghz with an empty 500 gig ssd
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    When I got the pink screen on my laptop I had to assign the launcher to run using the integrated Intel GPU instead of the dedicated Nvidia GPU, but I don't recall seeing that error message when it happened to me.

    You can open a support ticket and include System Info file:

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