Tutorial: How to Create Team Spawns Not Shared

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    Many nice maps are available on PAMM.
    (Very few if any are with good team spawns)

    The worst for me is not starting near my team mates. It is important for me to have starting positions near my team and away from the enemy team.

    So I have been creating a collection of maps that have good team spawns. For example, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, and 5vs5 non shared. Link to my maps for non shared team game play. http://bit.ly/1OpJ2qR

    This is possible via editing the map files as I used to do with Notepad++, but it is a pain.

    The main thing to realize when trying to make team spawns is that the game will pick alternately down the list of spawns. Example: Pick first one for team one, next one for team two and so on from the list of spawns for the map.

    So to set the spawns for teams such as: 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, and 5vs5 non shared there are two ways.

    One is to make non symmetrical spawns and alternate the spots remembering that the game will do so as well.
    Example: Create spawn near north, then near south and back and forth. Then when the game starts team one will start at north, team two at south.

    Another way is to use a mod called Direct Edit. http://bit.ly/1YAclvD

    You can read in the spawns and shift them down remembering to alternate the spawns. Then click write, and then remember to save the map. See picture:

    Why the map editor doesn't have a team spawn creation tool is beyond me. One of many questions I have about this game. Another question I have is why we can't have dedicated servers yet show up for every player (regardless if they have a pa stats mod)?

    Does anyone know what the two numbers for min and max for each spawn mean? I have not figured that out. I also don't know if the above methods work for 2vs2vs2 spawns. I will try sometime and try to update this.

    Hope this helps for people totally frustrated by the non team spawns issue that Planetary Annihilation has.
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