Too much going on. Is it capable to have a simple flat map?

Discussion in 'Mapping and stuff' started by takeela1, January 8, 2017.

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    We could turn off some of the units the interplanetary ones and just play on a normal simple flat map like the original TA. This is my favorite game ever but all the remakes are too big, confusing, hard to play bc of camera angles. It really makes me sad. I like the design, the art style of the new Titans game, but it still doesn't feel like the original TA.

    Is there anyway to create some maps that are just flat?
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    There are some attempts to make sort of flat maps (read: Planets that have lava or the like on one side...), but PA is all about planets. Not much can be done about that.
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    The failure of Human Resources to get funding doomed flat maps.

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