TITANS, Rather an expensive upgrade...

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by treebee, August 21, 2015.

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    I think the cosmetics need to be more visible to be effective, but PA isn't condusive to it. Strategic icons, planet skins, UI, effects, or voice packs would be more visible. But you don't get the social aspect of showing off. UI and VO are completely local, you'd darn well better not change an opponent's icons and destroy readability, and restricting the ability to host planet skins could be tricky. Maybe per-player effects could work, but might affect readability, except at distant zoom where they aren't visible at all (plus as things stand it would require all the mechanics for multiple factions)
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    I suppose your right here, still the rest of the games micro transactions really have become a plague, something that just keeps getting worse until people stop it by say, not buying into it ;p But really we got bigger problems that we should be fighting against like the psychopaths that run our planet lol.
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    Microtransactions that don't effect game play are great imo... It means money for the deva and no edge for players. Just how I feel anyway.
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    People need to understand. It costs money to make a game and keep supporting. People complain way too much. I mean I payed 13 for titans. That is nothing since I have over 1200 hours played. You guys want good support then you need to support the developers.

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