TITANS PTE build 87224-pte is now live!

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    87224-pte 09/08/15

    Fix for loading classic saved games
    -The saved games browser will now show saved games for both classic and titans, regardless of current mode.
    -Titans saved games will be marked with an indicator.
    -If you attempt to load a game that doesn't match your current mode, you will be prompted to switch to that mode.
    -The main menu 'load latest save button' will not show a save if you would have to switch modes to load it.

    87070-pte 09/03/15

    AI Changes

    Update to the neural network for Classic mode
    Toned down the AI's nuke happy nature.
    The AI should always be expanding its economy.
    The AI now has a shutdown path to clean stuff up better.
    AI will now create and destroy planet managers as needed.
    Adjusted AI commander behavior a bit to keep it from doing nothing.
    Improved the way the AI updates planet manager statuses.
    Improved the way the AI calculates its main economy planet.
    Improved the perf overhead of updating AI base deploy data.
    Added some new cheap build conditions to test for platoon build items before we do the more costly canFindPlaceToAttack.
    AI perf improvements to finding a place to attack.
    AI should be less flippy floppy about what fabbers are assisting.
    Improved AI Land and Orbital interplanetary assistance calculations.
    Improved the way the AI chooses where to expand.
    AI will build a bit more defenses.
    AI should no longer attempt to build Halleys, Catalysts, or Ragnaroks if an ally already has one or more of them on the planet.
    AI will now use the average max range for keeping targets at range.
    -This will help the AI keep as much DPS as possible in range of the target.
    Fix for the AI getting stuck not sending out attacks due to the AI's factory rally point being inside wreckage.
    The AI will now disband units into the general squad.
    Improved AI stuck detection for air based platoons.
    More work on fixing issues preventing the AI from sending attacks.
    Minor fixes to AI threat response.
    Fix for issue in the AI where the recon gone state was not being handled.
    Added an AI placement buffer value to the Ragnarok.
    AI will no longer build the Ragnarok or the land/air titans on asteroids.
    Added threat checks for the Orbital and Structure titan build items.

    Add an #id to the Uberbar options button
    Revamp panel ordering to ensure consistent ordering even with child panels
    -New order, starting from the top-most panel:
    --Video Player
    Don't accept input for the game panel until splash is dismissed
    AI influence map perf improvements.
    Removed some variables that were no longer needed.
    Fix for AI not clearing build items when a factory dies.
    Fix for AI crash in land teleport to planet task.
    Orbital work:
    - Units that are sent as a single order arrive spread out
    - If a user made a mod that issued unique move orders across an entire planet it'd work fine and there'd be nothingwe could do to stop it
    - Distribution isn't even because createCelestialMoveTask is called before all units are added to the order. But it's good enough for now.
    - orbital_arrival_radius and orbital_arrival_unit_radius are defined in nav.json. They can be tweaked to fudge things around.
    Fix for resource leak related to trees and rocks
    Fix for AI commander getting stuck if it was in danger as it teleported.
    Fixes for orbital unit damage upgrades in galactic war
    Fix certain characters in your user name causing games to not start.
    Fix for PA owners getting error about "commander_step.pfx" failing to load
    Fix for AI crash if the AI receives a killed unit message for a unit assigned to a planet manager that has been destroyed.
    Fix the "Architecth" achievement requiring the orbital radar unit
    Fixed a bug where time spent as a spectator was not counting towards the relevant Steam achievements
    Fix for the bug on Linux that caused certain menus to become unclickable
    Mesh rendering behavioral change to help track down mesh culling crash.
    Fix for units not leaving wreckage upon loading a saved game.
    Fix for the default LOD group not getting set for mesh instances that are added during the frame.
    Orbital teleports are inactive for a few seconds after entering orbit.
    Fix for client mesh instance crash caused by units transitioning between planets.
    Added kickstarter backer name to credits list and their planets names to the planet list.
    Fix issue where planes that begin a new move order after moving over CSG would do a slow vertical take off rather than move forward
    Fix a crash that could occur on save/load due to uninitialized memory
    Fix some bad perf situations on client
    Fix for unnecessary nav overhead on the client
    Added a draw call limit to the virtual texture processing.
    - Helps limit the amount of time spent rendering virtual texture pages.
    - Also helps reduce the amount of memory allocated to virtual texturing in texture buffers.
    More nav perf improvements, mainly in sweep waves.
    Fix for uv scrolling behavior on units. Now materials are only updated when the unit is moving.
    Fix for AI crash in transport to planet task if a planet gets destroyed during the loading step.
    Editing landing zones will also lock in the position of metal spots (that way they will not be repositioned after you finish editing the landing zones).
    Added "anti_entity_targets_units" to weapon specs to speed up anti-entity weapons that do not target units.
    Refactored auto repair task to speed it up a bit.
    Shared armies will no longer self destruct after 10 minutes if one of the players disconnects. Fhe army will only self destruct if all the players in the shared army disconnect.
    Added landing zone options to the AI in the lobby.
    -If a system allows multi-planet spawns, you can force the AI to spawn on the same planet as a player, or on a planet with no players.
    -If the conditions are impossible, the AI will ignore the restrictions.
    -The option should only appear if the planet supports multiplanet spawns.
    Added restrictions to the bounty mode modifier. Values must be within [0.1, 1.0]

    Fix for AI checking Support Commander affordability against the advanced bot fabber.
    Orbital Teleporter work:
    - Update orbital teleporter to use new inCircle function that evenly distributes points across area
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    excellent bug fixes, and kind of happy that the AI's nukehappiness was toned down - it launched 12 nukes at me once and my antinukes stopped all of them
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    Orbital teleports are inactive for a few seconds after entering orbit.

    well there goes the crazy manhattan drops :)
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    Whoa, this update is huge!

    Any new commanders in this update? O-o
  5. Remy561

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    Great update!!

    So what exactly now counts towards the spectator achievements? Spectating after dying in an FFA, joining in-progress games to spectate and joining spectatable games in lobby?
  6. Sorian

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    This should hopefully fix the issue where the AI stops using factories (and nuke/anti nuke launchers).

    This should make the AI play better on Forge. There is still one spawn where, due to a nav bug, the AI ends up with a bunch of units in the middle of the lava. There is a fix for the nav bug in the pipe.
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    There is a new stock mod for PAX. It seems to require a manually launched local server (I assume they had an infinite loop which restarted as soon as it finished) It has it's own ui_mod_list.js and won't work with regular UI mods. Even with them off, I get stuck on Loading Solar System.

    AI spawn selection is in server script.

    Possible new AI conditions:
    - AlliedUnitCountOnPlanet
    - Enemy(Surface|Air|Orbital)PresenseOnPlanet
    - PlanetIsRespawnable
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    It's like Christmas in Sept! :)
  9. jomiz

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    I played two AI games and everything seemed to work well (after I disabled some mods), do we have changes to get this live before weekend?
  10. nixtempestas

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    they seem to be pushing PTEs through pretty quickly lately so I'd say there is a good chance of it.
  11. Quitch

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    The Spark is still UNITTYPE_Artillery, so this is going to shaft the AI until it's fixed.

    ...what? :)

    That's the one you should highlight.
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    There was a long note attached to that check-in. Basically, when the AI transfers units from one platoon to another it transfers them into the same squad they were pulled from. So, a unit in the Fast squad in one platoon will be in the Fast squad in the new platoon it transfers into. This was the same for when a platoon gets disbanded into the unit pool (which is just a special platoon).

    When the AI decides to make a new platoon it gets a std::vector of all the units in the pool platoon. To fill in the std::vector it loops over all of the squads in the unit pool, starting with the general squad, and does a ranged insert. This means that the units in the general squad will always be in the front of the std::vector. Since newly created units placed in the unit pool are placed in the general squad, this means the AI would use newly created units over older ones.

    This was not a bug per se, it just looks weird to have the AI keep a large group of units unmoving it its base and constantly sending out platoons made up of new units. It makes it look like the AI has lost control over that large group when that is not the case.
  13. Quitch

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    Because the Spark is one of the shortest ranged units in the game (65 range, that's 20 less than a Dox), and being T1 it will be in almost every AI platoon. This means that the AI will never be using weapons like Shellers to their fullest because the Sparks will be bringing the average down. In a squad with Grenadiers it means the Grens will now walk into turret range instead of sitting outside it.

    The Spark shouldn't be tagged as artillery, because they're not.
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    Yay, I have icons again. Thanks for the fix! :D
  15. deenreka

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    Not sure if this update fixes it or not, but two things, both relating to galactic warfare: The orbital loadout still has the deepspace radar as something the commander can build, and if you get a subcommander with the orbital loadout without getting any base techs (bots, vehicles, air) the subcommander doesn't build anything (I'm guessing because the subcommander doesn't get the upgrade that would allow it to build an orbital launcher directly from the commander).

    Not sure if this is the best place to put this, but I didn't feel like it deserved its own thread.
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    I think the PAX UI mod is expecting the server command line to specify the saved game to load, but I've never dealt with that and don't know the syntax without a lot of digging.
  17. devoh

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    So if a planet needs three Halleys and you build one, the AI will not try and build the other number required to achieve the total needed to launch the planet/moon/asteroid? Same question for the Catalysts. I believe this is the correct behavior for the Ragnaroks.
  18. Quitch

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    In non-shared armies I don't believe allied catalysts or halleys work in conjunction with one another.
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    Fortunately easy to get in Linux. :)

    These are the command line options that are needed to load a saved game:
    ./server --headless --allow-lan --game-mode PAExpansion1:loadsave --enable-crash-reporting --disable-replays --output-dir /home/user/.local/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation --load-replay /home/user/.local/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/AI Skirmish SEP 03 2015.par.gz --ubernet-url https://4.uberent.com --monitor-url https://4.uberent.com
    You can probably drop a few of those. Hope that helps.
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    Okay, neat. OS X:

    ./server --headless --game-mode PAExpansion1:loadsave --disable-replays --load-replay ../Resources/media/stockmods/client/scenario_demo_mode/replays/pax_2015_small.par.gz
    Other OS adjust relative path to media directory

    There is another one with without '_small';

    Both are Clutch, with two additional desolate planets/moons; you commander is on one, safely out of harms way, and the other is loaded down with excessive halleys for big climactic smash.

    The small is less far along and has less stuff; the other one could be kind of overwhelming with lots going on but nice and flashy for PAX; I wouldn't be surprised if they had them on different stations and where possible directed people to the appropriate setup based on experience etc.

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