The server stalls are back baby!

Discussion in 'Support!' started by aapl2, May 26, 2014.

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    So most of the recent games i've been playing "end" in the server stalling out completely, I've been using the cntrl+p command(?) to come to this conclusion, it's not my internet as nothing else drops and it happens to everyone in the game at the exact second. Even if it does recover it will stall again longer in a few seconds making the game unplayable from then on. I really feel let down by uber for pushing this build to stable without running it on pte for at least a week.
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    I have no clue what causes server stalls, so it definitely stands to reckon that blaming it on Uber or the build is assuming.

    Generally, the new build, appears to me anyway, to use some form of new rules for how it runs. Idk. I find clicks delay like the server must confirm them instead of my client. So who knows what that could cause or how to initially sharpen it unless you push it.

    Basically, "Stable" is still a test, because the game is a test, it isn't a game until it is released. So, thanks for testing. If it is any consolidation, I hope this gets ironed out soon too, like pathing did last build.
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    Yes. This happens in GW as well. Build animations continue going, FPS stays nice and even, ping test to external DNS server I have constantly running shows my internet connection never skipped a beat. However, everything is frozen in place, sometimes for multiple minutes, and then all of a sudden it will start again. I have had several battles reach frustrating levels of lag because of something like this. Sometimes it is after 5 minutes, sometimes after an hour. Not a keypress issue because I've tried going hands off once it happens, and randomly the game will start up again. Nothing is occurring serverside either, once the game picks back up it doesn't skip forward by the amount of time I was frozen. Just feels like connection with server is hanging.
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    I have experienced that as well. Sim drops to 0 even on small games
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