The Fluffy Bunny Map pack - WIP

Discussion in 'Mapping and stuff' started by thefluffybunny, May 23, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    Attempting a map pack. The maps themselves are relatively easy, got about 10, few below, will see how the packing process goes...Comments welcome, and may fire off some tech questions if get stuck.

    All so far have been team maps, main intention is to create maps which encourage different starting positions to adopt different strategies, so more like Supreme Commander Maps, rather than most the maps on PA which i find tend to offer the same game opportunities to all players. Metal in each lane is equal.

    The team all start close together.
    The opposing teams are also relatively close together in one direction, so early aggression for some players.
    The more open space has a lot of metal to secure in the middle.
    North and south poles need air to secure.
    So metal heavy base, 3 expansions.
    Not the most tactical map, probably my worst one, a simple charge in and finish quickly affair, but lots of metal in main base allows for quick recovery.

    lane wars map, 5 lanes. all lanes have same metal, but all have different geographies.
    Top left needs air, teles, lobbers
    Top right is ope, so bots and air
    Bottom left is two lanes, tanks and bots
    bottom right is pure tanks and turrets grind fest..

    5 player teams, 4 lanes.
    Player 5 has the most starting metal, but nowhere to expand to. Should tech up, most likely air.
    the four lanes are equal in metal, but slightly different in layout. No real bot/tank preference for any lane.

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