The Asteroid Update - Hotfix Build 85423 & Release build 85138

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    Hotfix Build 85423 - 8/5/15

    Fix for Galactic War crash when playing old saves

    Asteroids! Now spawning in a system near you!

    We've been working on these for quite a while and are happy to announce that Asteroids are now available to add to your systems in PA! They have been added in a few of the existing systems (including ranked), so keep your eyes open for the telltale Asteroid belts and enjoy a new way to annihilate planets!

    This update also includes a ton of bugfixes, polish items, and AI tweaks for you to play against, as well as new feedback added to make placing buildings much easier!

    Take a look at the full notes below, and we hope you all enjoy the new additions to the game!

    Asteroids are here!
    Players are now able to place Asteroid belts in their systems
    The asteroid belt spawns in small asteroids at a predetermined timing that can be set by the system designer
    An alert plays when an asteroid appears in the system
    New planet crash effect! Planets now explode when they collide with one another
    -This means that the player no longer targets a spot on the target planet
    -This also means that all commanders on the planet are the first to die and die at the same time
    Planets in motion go directly to the target after first going around the sun once
    Asteroids have been added to the Roc, Styx, and Medea systems. The Roc system has also been added to the list of Ranked systems

    Improved feedback while placing buildings
    -Build previews now show the placement bounds as a square light
    -The preview will change yellow if placing the building will block a metal spot
    -The preview will turn red if building is placed in a spot it cannot be built on

    Balance changes:
    Reduced AA Missile splash damage
    - Commander decreased from 25 to 10
    - AA Vehicle (Spinner) decreased from 20 to 10
    - Air Defense (Galata) decreased from 20 to 10
    - Missile Ship (Stingray) decreased from 25 to 10

    AI changes/fixes:
    Fix for the AI using the wrong value when making a planet wide patrol order on a gas giant
    Fix for crash due to bad data in AI unit map
    Fix for AI trying to create an artillery platoon when a Unit Cannon is built
    Fix for AI failing to build if the factory it wants to start with cannot be built due to the spec not being available
    AI should waste resources less often
    Added support for AIs to have multiple personality tags
    Fix for a bug where the AI would not build an advanced vehicle fabber on planets with an enemy on it
    Fix for a bug where a fabber would not be built right away on a planet where the AI had an orbital fabber
    Fix for AI not setting up initial army presences correctly
    Improved AI econ handling
    Fix for AI fabbers constantly starting and stopping assisting
    Fix for bug in planetmanager that could cause the AI to not create a new base for a spawned in unit when it should
    Minor AI build condition update
    Fix for AI crash during sim shutdown
    Minor AI build item change
    AI will try to stick to the same enemy as a target unless a significant reason exists to change
    Minor AI platoon behavior modifications
    Fix for AI orbital radar platoons
    Added stuck detection to the diband behavior of AI platoons in an attempt to keep them from getting lost by the AI
    AI should do a better job of scouting other planets
    Fix for AI crash that can occur when an AI is defeated
    Fix for AI micro and keep at range distances
    Further improved AI attack from range behavior
    AI can use asteroids
    AI can now handle combat on smaller planets better
    AI will launch asteroids at other asteroids, under certain conditions
    AI unit cap no longer affects Nukes and Anti-Nukes
    Fix for an issue where the AI would not fire nukes in mutli-planet games
    Fix for an issue where the AI would send an orbital radar to another planet and it sits there doing nothing
    More fixes to the AI platoon distance calculation
    Fix for the bug where the AI sometimes would build Nukes/Anti-Nukes and then not have them ever build anything
    Minor AI econ balance change
    Fix for AI personality_tags having no effect
    AI should expand to other planets a bit faster
    AI will build more ion cannons
    Fix for crash in AI if a transport died immediately after unloading a unit
    AI can build Ion Cannons with advanced fabbers
    Improved the AI's orbital game a bit
    AI perf improvements
    AI will let its metal storage fill up a bit more before using the wasting metal build items
    AI will be a little more precise when building recon satellites for other planets

    Modding support:
    Puppet support
    -Allows rendering purely client-side models, effects, and decals in-game
    -See worldview.js for API information
    -Note: Does not integrate with chronocam due to being client-side
    Add JS API for accessing unit state
    -Army unit list is available via api.getWorldView(0).getArmyUnits(army, planet)
    -Unit State is available via api.getWorldView(0).getUnitState([unit, unit, unit])
    Added a modding API for controlling server-side camera culling
    Added support for specifying the world view to the time API
    Added generic, world-space unit order JS API
    Holodeck raycast JS API
    -Allows casting rays (optionally multiple per call) in holodeck screen space against terrain, units, and features.
    Added the order & build queues to api.WorldView.getUnitState output
    Fix the documentation of the world-space order schema
    Added WorldView.fixupBuildLocations
    -Performs a build placement test, including snapping & etc as appropriate
    -Fixes the units list in various WorldView.sendOrder commands
    Changed the schema of holodeck raycast call results to include the currently focused planet
    Added Holodeck.focusedPlanet() function call, which returns the currently focused planet
    In WorldView.sendOrder, removed the requirement on location for non-location commands
    Added valid stance value documentation for the WorldView.sendOrder

    Bug fixes/polish:
    Fix for AMD/ATI brightness bug
    -Trades brightness for banding
    -Use --gl-force-mrt-srgb-capable on the command line to turn this behavior back off
    -It is still uncertain whether this is a driver bug or a pipeline configuration bug. It appears that there is some state that leads to improper blending occurring while filling the diffuse colors in the g-buffer.
    +Sing audio! Give it a try and see what it does
    Fix for loading a save where an entity was created and retired on the same tick
    Fix for area patrol lag
    Improved the exiting of teleporters
    Speed up of distributing points on a planet for planet wide patrols for Air/Orbital units
    Units without auto weapon tasks will no longer keep a list of nearby targets
    Fix for crash if a projectile dies with a unit attached, and the unit triggers a death weapon
    Adjusted the tick rate of the auto repair task
    Fix for badge resizing and not wrapping in armory
    Hovering over wreckage will no longer allow the use command to be the default right-click command

    For the complete list of bug fixes/polish, please visit our site here:
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    Don't forget to post a news item on the ModDB page.

    Or Steam.
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    I cannot login to playfab. I restared steam and the error remains. Also, everytime I run the game, each time there is different commander displayed on the main screen.

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    Not more option for EU servers after this update?!
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    EU servers should be back up now, sorry for delay.
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    Great update, can;t wait to try out the asteroids,
    On the downside, I still have a white-box around my cursor, hardly game breaking but a little ugly.

    Keep up the good work. Cracked 500 hours on PA this week, bets $40 I've ever spent IMHO,
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    Playing GW on Ubuntu 14.04 with GTX 780, nvidia binary driver.

    When starting a game, as soon as my commander lands on the planet, the game says "World Simulation Went Away".

    This is a snippet of program output:

    EntityHistory destructor called while still attached to world. This is a catastrophic failure.
    Dump written to /tmp/6ea80e97-49cf-ac73-279ff458-428463f8.dmp
    Crash uploaded, link developer to
    crashupload returned success

    Also, you may want to whitelist the crash links, this is my third post and it won't let me include it unaltered (i removed the http://).
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    Mint 17.02, Mate Edition,
    fglrxinfo -
    display: :0.0 screen: 0
    OpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series
    OpenGL version string: 4.5.13397 Compatibility Profile Context 15.20.1046
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    Right erm... since I downloaded the patch I can't connect to PlayFab anymore with the game blaming steam and saying to restart it. I have done this twice (restart steam) and still no results... any idea why this is happening?

    Edit: Okay now its connected... maybe it was because I downloaded it ahead of its scheduled time on steam? Either way problem resolved.
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    This is due to Steam's web API's being down. We are waiting on them to come back online and things should work again. In the meantime you can run the executable on your machine to bypass the issue and play online.
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    Oh right well it seems to be back now. ^^
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    In game they say there is a "temporay Steam outage for how we connect to online play".

    If running Linux, you could try this in a terminal (works for me):
    ~/.steam/bin32/steam-runtime/ ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Planetary\ Annihilation/PA
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    Good to hear! Looks like the API's are fixed on their end :)
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    We do not officially support that OS. Our supported distributions are: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or 12.10.
    I have logged the bug, but I don't know when it will get fixed.
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    This doesn't seem like a OS or GPU related issue. We do have a service that lets us view/debug crash dumps, so you don't need to include a crash link. Attaching the log file can be useful, but you already including the most important line: EntityHistory destructor called while still attached to world. I'll look into this.
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    Thank-you for the asteroids!!

    Planetary Rings coming soon .....

    By soon i mean whenever it gets made . lol
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    This was when continuing a GW campaign (but starting a new battle) from the previous version. I have created a new campaign and everything appears to be working.
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    tiny JS bug about the focused planet:
    result.planet is the index of the planet. It might be 0. That's falsy ;)
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    Oops. I'll have to check on that.
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