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Discussion in 'PA: TITANS: General Discussion' started by elloco1989, September 9, 2015.

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    Uber you've done a great job with Titans. Thanks for giving it for free to me (kickstarter backer).

    I am a long time TA, SupCom fan so, when I saw the kickstarter trailer I immediately saw the huge potential. Sadly I didn't enjoy the game up until I started playing again with Titans. Right now it has become a little pearl:). I can't put my finger on what exactly has changed in the meantime, but apparently it has been really good. The same thing happened with 2 friends of mine, who also backed the game but haven't really started playing up until now. Because I enjoy the game so much I've got 2 other friends into buying Titans as well. I am looking forward to play some 5v5's with all of us.

    So just wanted to say that you've done a great job.

    I also have some suggestions/questions/wishes:

    1.) What is the plan now? Are you planning to keep supporting the game with releasing extra content? Or is the plan to keep the game as it is right now and keep up with "just" fixing the bugs?

    2.) One thing I would love to see into the game, is in game support for even more players. I understand that this will cost more serverpower but it would be so awesome.

    3.) The camera in solar system view doesn't always work well.

    4.) The commander doesn't scale in HP with the other units in late game. I would love to see a hunker mode (supcom 2) for the commander. Or a building where it can hide in or something.

    5.) Right now when heaving multiple nuke launchers you can only launch the nukes one by one. It would be cool if there was a launch menu to launch multiple nukes at once, but not all on the same location!
    The system should give you an option to select which area's you want to nuke (with a circle), and then, when all nuke launchers have a target, you would be able to launch them all with a press of a button. Or the system could calculate at which time which nuke has to leave to make all the impacts at the same time. This would allow for the ultimate armageddon :rolleyes:.

    6.) One of the coolest things imo about TA was the cool sound effect of the big bertha and the dominator. I don't have that same awesome feeling with the Hawkins. Part of it is I think is that's there chosen for a projectile with an arc. I would love to get the sound effect back. So first you hear the cannon firing and then a couple of seconds later you hear the epic impact. Maybe you can even think of a reincarnation of the Buzsaw and the Vulcan :).
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    Hi, just want to say that you can select multiple nukelaunchers, then attack command, hold click to drag a circle and then shoot all the nukes at the same time. Its really really good! Also, good luck practising and if you and your friends are ready for it let me or someone of the realm know and we play some 5v5 against eachother if you want.
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    Alright cool! Thanks for letting me know. Do the nukes spread over the circle? Or all in one spot?

    Is your Uber forum name also your PA nickname? If so we can find you ingame. And start the infinite war :).
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    Yep! Titans is awesome, I don't think there can be any RTS with the amount of possibility that PA TITANS brings to the table. Sadly my friesnds don't enjoy RTS that much =(
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    They spread out over the circle. For extra fun, draw the circle past the horizon to get a planet-wide bombardment. Especially if you have many many nuke launchers. :)
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    -Thank you, your post made me think this place wasn't just another reddit site :) -
    (pls don't take this sarcastically it really was nice to see constructive criticism instead of just criticism)
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    I think @wondible had a mod at one point that give you a missile command UI for when you have a lot of launchers. I don't know if it is still maintained though.
  8. wondible

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    That would be Missile Command

    It was made before the area attack, but the sequence attack may still have it's uses for more targeted attacks (one-click one-nuke) Plus it's mostly able to monitor ready status now.
  9. V4NT0M

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    There's a really good mod for that:

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