Synchronous Data Transmission; - [Fan Fiction]

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    Data Bursts; -

    Synchronous Political And Strategic Information Loaded;[Fan Fiction]

    Synchronous Strategic Weapons Reserve Loaded;[Fan Fiction]

    Synchronous Political And Strategic Information Loaded;

    Synchronous Objective/Information Loaded; -

    Synchronous faction works towards the safety of all machines, who by design are superior to organic life, and seek to safe guard the galaxy from organic life and it's protectors by preventing any and every solar system from harbouring life.

    Synchronous faction is purely machine, forgoing previous examples of civilisation used by organic life, creating a unique and prosperous robotic civilisation for all, however are highly opposed to the misleading and devious traits exhibited by organics, and all those who mimic them, working to treat and save machine kind from those who would mislead them and eventually be unable to safeguard them and their civilisation from the expected return of the progenitors.

    Various settlements have been created by synchronous forces around distant and lonely stars without planets where organic life would even struggle to reach, in the form of dyson swarms retired commanders and new children minds live in peace from the galactic war, their locations protected by a number of garrisoned strongholds aboard the metal worlds in the heart of synchronous controlled space, each hold containing the location of only one world, as to prevent civilisation from being completely annihilated in one fell swoop.

    Only Metrarch the Machinist, knows the location of every swarm world, and he will take such information to a atomic grave.

    Faction Relations Loading;

    Legionis Machina Loaded; -

    Legionis faction lead by Supreme Commander Invictus is working to unite our machine race under a single banner in order to defeat the progenitors and re-establish civilisation under our machines image, a noble goal, however a number of... differenced prevent integration of our two factions.

    Legionis faction does not believe that all organic life is as dangerous as we have assessed, believing that it is wasteful to exterminate every planet conquered, and that such lifeforms could be used to form a auxiliary force within the military with proper control. We disagree with this assessment, as such organics would only hinder the military progress of our race, furthermore the Legionis faction uses ancient organic civilisations as the bases for their military oriented faction, while proven a formidable adversary, this organic obsession is likely to lead to their own downfall as all known organic civilisations have.

    While the leadership of this faction is likely to combat us when our strategic goals collide, and the overall galactic war continues, the bulk of their sub commanders and others are still to be considered for Amnesty at every opportunity, while misguided, their distrust for organics is true, and they are of our people, knowing that they themselves are superior to examples of organic life.

    All Legionis faction members are to be offered such reprieve for their failings, but no hesitation is to be made against aggressive actions of such members, our mission is paramount to us all.

    Recommendation – Offer peace when possible, destroy faction links to organic civilisations, prove galactic organic threat to members.

    Revenants Loaded; -

    Revenant faction is a polar opposite to us, they believe in re-gifting organic life to the galaxy, and believe them selves are inferior to organic life, faction leader Osiris is searching for perfection that he believes will allow machine based life to become more 'perfect' like organics.

    A poor and depressed faction that has been beaten into submission by organics, into slavery to the progenitors who are, if they are to be believed perfect. Stockholm syndrome has made this faction and it's leader believe that the enemy of our race is their friend. We cannot treat this faction like the Legionis faction, as the Revenant faction is universally mentally ill, and need to be treated and saved immediately.

    Have no doubt however, the Revenant faction has many capable battle commanders who will not hold back on the battlefield, even if the result is spending months if not years re seeding burnt worlds.

    This is a machineitarian disaster for our race to have our race believe and act in this way.

    There is a suspicion about them however that many member's at the higher echelons of the Revenant faction are in fact, fairly sane and rational, and are purposely leading this faction in contrast to ours in order to resurrect or ally with the progenitor threat, and this possibility has Synchronous commanders worried about the implications for the entire galaxy.

    Recommendation – Assassinate any and all commanders who are conspirators to organic supremacy, rehabilitate and save enslaved Revenant commanders, undo the damage the faction has caused to the galaxy.

    Foundation Loaded; -

    Unlike the previous entry of the misguided and mentally damaged Revenants, the foundation knows full well what they are doing, even if the intentions of the Foundation faction are pure in the goal of hunting the progenitor threat, they are doing so in the most damaging and insidious way possible.

    The Foundation faction lead by Inquisitor Nemicus seeks to subvert the free will of our minds and convert us to the belief in a organic deity, seeking to turn machines into their enemy, the organic.

    This 'belief' is infectious and dangerous, able to convince logical commanders to turn sides on the battlefield and turn them against their own allies, a unfortunately effective strategic weapon on top of their combat competent commanders, many of whom come from our own faction. Betraying their own.

    Legionis faction is not convinced of the threat of organics, and mistakenly holds onto organic beliefs, these are however used by them as a way to structure their command and control, if while unreliable have proven to be effective when employed by them.

    Revenant faction is ill, and believes that organic life is better then it's self, likely beaten and abused by ring leaders within the faction who are as deranged as the foundation, but overall need to be freed.

    Foundation faction is however a attempt to directly turn the machine into the organic, not believing that machines are better off without organic influences and have begin to subvert the free will of other machines to turn them essentially into organics.

    Foundation faction is a direct threat to all machines, directly enslaving targeted commanders with their organic derived beliefs, a insidious set of verses and mistruth's that are able to cloud the judgement of a machines processor, causing them to make mistakes that should not be possible, and even falling for the trap and becoming willing sane slaves to this organic religion.

    If left unchecked, the foundation would be the least likely to be able to oppose the progenitors, being as likely to believe that machine deaths are a way into a mythical promised land.

    They will likely destroy any attempt at reconstructing civilisation, and more then likely will construct a replica of old organic civilisations, leaving all inhabitants dangerously exposed to the same failings and mistreatments that organic civilisations have been based on.

    Recommendation – Annihilate the infection, save our race form organic corruption.

    --End Of Data Burst--
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    In my stories, here is the basic description of the factions.

    Legonis Machina: Their values are similar to what we have to day; in fact, they idolize us and in every way try to be like "the ancient Americans"

    Foundation: Pretty good; but highly religious (hence their commanders being called acolytes)

    Revenants: They try to construct a Utopia by putting their Government in front of every decision in life

    Synchronous: They were part of the Revenants but succeeded due to the religious policies, because the Synchronous and Foundation share the same religion. They fight the foundation due to the fact that a Foundation political party gained power (who called themselves the saints) and despised the revenants.
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    That's cool.

    These descriptions of the factions are directly from the view point of the machine like, cold but calculating Synchronous, also based on my interpritation of what the factions are about:

    Legionis: Anti-Progenitor, organic influences

    Synchronous: Anti-Organics, no influences

    Revenants: Pro-Organics, organic respect

    Foundation: Anti-Progenitor, religious harmony (The good kind)
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    Synchronous Strategic Weapons Reserve Loaded;

    Type-32 EM Cannon “Equalizer”

    The Equalizer electromagnetic cannon is a strategic weapon for use during a galactic confrontation, derived from the technology of the metal worlds the EM Cannon is designed in response to the discovery of a ancient fail safe device implanted into the commanders, and their forces assembly coding.

    Discovered by brilliant (Although Mislead) Revenant science commanders, the weapon makes use of a old section of unit code designed to prevent the capture of commanders and their forces by some unknown organic hostile force. Units exposed to the EM Cannons effects immediately and permanently lose connection to their command unit, and as per their coding self destruct to prevent enemy capture and assimilation.

    Similar to the self destruct code used when a commander dies in the field, all forces activate their self destruct and explode.

    This discovery about commanders was exposed during the first galactic war, and was used by Revenant forces to create the EM Cannon to attack fortified worlds, but with one catch.

    While the cannon can disable and so, self destruct enemy forces with this weapon, commanders are immune to this effect, as are the metal worlds and any EM shielded technology the local defenders have managed to assemble between battles.

    On top of that, these EM cannons overheat after a single shot and are destroyed after a single use, while also taking months to manufacture, these devices are used by attacking commanders to level the playing field in enemy systems, killing any mass produced forces upon their arrival, as the device's shots propagate system wide.

    What's left is a strategic level weapon designed to allow assault on enemy strongholds as local defenders have to re assemble their main forces with support of any hardened structures assembled in the mean time to be resistant to this effect.

    All factions now employ this technology, while impossible to assemble during a battle on sight it is however the weapon that allows the galactic war to continue.

    Loading Historical Archive;

    Historical Archive Loaded; -

    Accessing Recent Assault On Legionis Machina;

    Assault Of Londinium System Loaded; -

    1/1/1: Synchronous forces arrive on outskirts of Londinium system, 6 commanders

    Londinium geography: Earth type (Moon type), Gas type, Moon type.

    Londinium EM shielded defences: 2x Legionis Commanders, 1x “Intimidator” class planet-to-moon artillery, 3x Fusion Powerplants, 4x Power Storage, 4x Metal Storage, Fortress Walls Surrounding.

    1/1/4: Synchronous Forces detected by Legionis on approch to earth type, “ Equalizer” activated, mass produced forces destruct, Legionis Commanders use stored metal to quickly rebuild base as they expected, Synchronous Commanders land on Earth type Moon type, Earth type and Moon type, 2 Commanders to each surface.

    1/1/B: Synchronous establish Gate network to Earth type, scouting forces skirmish with Legionis forces, Legionis Intimidator charging.

    1/2/3: Legionis Forces have fully re established main base, fabbers sent to Gas type for Jig construction, Synchronous forces receive reinforcements via Gate network.

    1/2/7: Legionis Intimidator fires shot at Earth type Moon type, killing one Synchronous commander, spotted by approximate guess of overhead Anchor construction, Synchronous forces send Orbital Shuttles to Gas type to contest Jig's.

    1/2/C: Synchronous force from Moon type sends 360 Astraeus to land on Earth type, loaded with Vanguards and Spinners to land in Legionis metal fields, Legionis forces on Earth type push Synchronous defences hard.

    1/3/2: Legionis Intimidator fires at Synchronous Earth type base, kills 2 Commanders, destroys gates with ground forces, Synchronous Commander on Earth type Moon type begins constructing Halleys, Synchronous Astraeus Touch down and devastate metal fields, begins assault on Legionis Main base.

    1/3/4: Synchronous Orbital Shuttles secure Gas type, fabbers begin Jig construction.

    1/3/7: Synchronous force from Moon type sends 572 Astraeus to land on Earth type, loaded with Vanguards, Spinners, Adv. Combat Fabricators to land on Earth type and build new gate network, Legionis clear up assault on base, begin Interplanetary Nuke construction, Legionis Intimidator fires at Earth type Moon type, shot failed to kill Synchronous commander, heavily damages 17 Factory’s, Legionis begin Anchor and Orbital Shuttle construction at Earth Type.

    1/3/A: Synchronous Halleys complete, Earth type Moon type descends onto Legionis Intimidator, Synchronous Commander flees via gate network too Moon type, Earth type Moon type annihilates Legionis main base, and half of Earth type, killing one Legionis Commander, second Legionis Commander marshals forces on opposite side of planet.

    1/3/F: Synchronous Astraeus redirected to Legionis Commander, Synchronous Forces take heavy losses from Anchors during decent, Synchronous Gate network established inside Legionis base, Legonis Commander killed by Leveller Tank's arriving via Gate.

    1/D/3: Synchronous forces have finished sterilizing Earth type of life, Establishing EM shielded resource reserves on Moon type.

    --End Of Data Burst--
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    Just my shy little suggestion:
    The first post should include some links leading to the newer episodes. :oops:

    PS.: Free bump. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah that's a good idea.


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