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Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by void2258, October 20, 2014.

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    When I heard about Galactic War I was excited. I figured it would be like Shogun's overmap, where you maneuver your commanders around, using your held systems to advance you tech or capturing it from others. Instead, the overmap is a joke and the tech system serves only as a handicapping mechanism for the player (which is especially bad in the orbital layer, since you are gimped super hard in multi-planet systems). It's barely worth playing right now, and certainly fails to serve as any kind of tutorial or practice for the multiplayer game.

    If you want people to be excited about and interested in playing Galactic War, it needs to be more like Total War's strategic layer. Not the same, obviously, but having the map, territory capturing, and the tech progression mean something and be interesting is a requirement for this mode not sucking. If the strategic layer were compelling enough, it might even be fun to have a multiplayer version of it, with multiple players per side.
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    One of Jables' recent posts mentions GW having a staffer working full-time on "giving it some love". While it's hard to take that on faith, any news is good news on that front.

    Multiplayer Galactic War would be fascinating, if nothing else.
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    This one goes in the bin of good ideas everyone agrees with that won't ever happen.
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    ....for god only knows what reason.

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