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    Planetary Creation
    A Planet editor

    The release is coming soon and with it, the need of having hand-crafted maps. Before we get “the hooks” to build a planet editor, it would be useful to make a list of features.

    I think Planetary Creation is a nice name for the editor. We create the planets and then we annihilate them.

    General features:

    • Create new planet
      • Select a type : Rocky / Gas giant
      • Select planet size : A number
    • Save planet
    • Open planet
    • Open recent planet
    • Copy
    • Cut
    • Paste
    • Zoom in
    • Zoom out
    • Move camera
    • Team-up starting locations (Top vs bottom / East vs West / totally custom ones)

    Once a blank planet is generated :

    Terrain editing

    • Brush type
      • Circle / Square / Diamond
    • Brush size
    • Brush style
      • Paintbrush / Airbrush / Noise (I can explain if needed)
    • Increment (How fast the texture is applied) : Value 1-255
    • Select texture
      • From a list of textures : UberEnt and custom textures
    • Terrain height : Raise terrain / Lower terrain / Flatten terrain / Noise terrain / Smooth
    • Amplitude
    • Add naval layer (Units can move through / cannot move through) (water / Lava and more)
    • Choose water height

    • Add foliage (Trees, rocks, ice chunks and more)
    • Allow / Disallow foliage on painted terrain
    • Foliage density

    • Place metal points
    • Place starting locations

    3D models

    • 3d model list (UberEnt and custom 3d models)
    • Add 3d model
    • Select 3d model
    • Remove 3d model
    • Rotation / Pitch / Roll 3d model
    • Change 3d model height
    • Change 3d model size

    These are, i think, the features for a minimally viable product.
    For more depth of using and comfort, there are many other features too add.

    • Choose symmetry type
      • Mirror / Rotation
    • Place symmetry axis / point
    • Move the symmetry axis / point (Left click pressed and move the mouse)

    • Export planet picture (It would take 2 pictures : one for each hemisphere)

    • Link with System Sharing Mod (To easily access the planets)

    • Triggers tool (That’s a big chunk for new game modes)
    • Data editor (Change the values of everything just in your map)

    • Launch the map locally (to test it)

    There are a lot more useful features. Please post them and i'll add to the OP.
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    when will this be done?
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    Some time after its actually possible.

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