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Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by Killerkiwijuice, May 5, 2015.

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    shrugs, because that is the pacing uber wants to do I guess. I don't think it's that hard to follow but maybe that's just me
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    I think we're looking at this from the wrong angle. The OP said that as of the current build, T2 is more important in 2v2 than in 1v1 because the starting eco of multiple coms makes T2 more accessible.

    This is a problem because it deprives large 5v5 games of most of the T1 gameplay, and makes the map control and eco needed to T2 safely nearly irrelevant.

    The obvious solution is to take away the eco bonus of having multiple coms. Give each team the same +20/+2k a second regardless of how many coms they have, or give only one com to each team.

    I love shared army for team play, but it the shared eco is OP, IMHO. Taking the eco incentive out of shared armies makes the game easier to balance, and would extend the length of T1 gameplay.

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