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Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by rick104547, June 30, 2013.

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    I always loved how absolutely massive inventories in games are.

    Especially the weight based ones that would let you have lots of bulky lighter things. Like fully open cardboard boxes or pillows. I can carry 300 pillows because they're so light!!!
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    The Ship is a great ******* game.
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    Well, 100% realistic for space ships is not aeroplane dogfighting. It sounds like they are 100% realistically simulating aeroplane dogfighting in space.

    Which is not a bad thing; the Wing Commander series (which I loved), the X-Wing series (also loved), Starlancer / Freelancer (ditto), all had aeroplane dogfighting mechanics and were all fine for it. It is more intuitive, just not more accurate ;)

    They could have been a bit clearer there, because as written I'd be expecting frictionless medium / conservation of momentum physics, which is nothing like the space dogfighting from those titles above, where throttling down slows down your spaceship.

    After having a look at it, I'd go as far as to say that Star Citizen looks to be a mix of EVE Online (persistent MMO 4X trading universe) and Freelancer / Privateer (1st / 3rd person combat flight sim). Be interesting to see what direction they take when addressing player freedoms (e.g. consensual vs non-consensual PvP) compared to other MMOs.
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but there seems to be a "cash house" element to the game, paying for respawns and the like. (Although one can alternatively use ingame credits.) If that's the case, my interest in the game wanes. Plus still no confirmed Linux support, and the early-access rewards are slowly waning. Maybe I'll just go back to begging the Evochron devs to support Linux.

    Or write my own space sim . . .
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    Paying for respawns? You buy insurance (with ingame money) for that.

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