Some brainstorming ideas for possible future PA

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    ld Yeah wall micro is something that we could easily cut on. Maybe add as an option to build turrets with three wall segments protecting their frontal arc.

    Multi unit transport are not needed. Just build 2-3 air factories and set them on pelican production. These build fast. Maybe just reduce their cost or something? 150 metal is like a t1 unit and might make it less attractive. Who in their minds would build pelicans if they could fighters instead. Especailly uber 1v1.

    Zero-K transport queue for taxi buttons would be great. OR continious LOAD-UNLOAD command routines. Load area stays active and the transports keep moving units that approach it until you press STOP order.
    Combat fabbers change selection groups based on their orders: non selectable as combat while building mines and or reclaiming.produce t
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