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    I explain myself , with a friend we do a lot of multiplayer, but we find it repetitive , so we thought it might be possible to do the solo Galatic wars mode, but for the multiplayer.
    We would like to have a galaxy to conquer against the AI on team or to conquer the galaxy and to conquer systems captured by other players.
    By doing this, I think the multiplayer mode will be more appealing and will attract new players.
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    old thread but why is this in the ballance descussion in the first place?
    what you want is multiplayer galactic war or coop galactic war the latter of which would have been more like with an inactive AI like single player galactic war is ..

    primary reason galactic war multiplayer is not a thing ... budget and resourcereasons ..
    also the difficulty of implementing a fair system ..
    like how should the whole gosh darn thing even work?

    LOTS of questions incoming!!!!

    solo galactic war works turnbased only with the player deciding which system to attack were the AI simply just defends .. if a AI were able to attack when it would have his turn to be offensive how should that work out? have any planet conquered by you have the option to either defend it yourself or have a AI commander defend it for you?

    and this gets just all the more complicated with multiple players and aggresive AI in multiple teams ..

    - how should a galactic war campaign be even started on the galaxymap?
    each team controling one system in the furthest corner of the map or should each team have a ballanced share of the galaxy? shall each of the teammembers have a different spawnsystem or should they all spawn at one system in the furthest corner of the map from which they then take their turns?
    does each team just start with all it´s buildoptions? Or do they start all with the lowest tech they chose at the start like in solo galactic war to which all members have to build tech and buildoptions up themselves on their own?

    - how should turns work out?
    each team gets its turn with every player/member of the team rotating inbetween team turns? shall the others have to wait until a match is finished like in a tournament until they get their turn?

    what if all teams take turns at the same time?
    what about each team attacking a different team how then should every teambattle be resolved with each of them having different playtimes until a battle is finished? should the rest of the teams have to wait until each match is done until they can get to chose their next move in a turn?

    what if instead of just the team each teammember takes their turn at the same time?
    what if you have teams/teammembers at neigbouring systems were each side decides to attack the other teams system? coinflip on which system is fought on and winner gets the losers system no matter if he just defended?

    - what shall happen with the players/AIs that were eliminated during a battle?
    should they be rendered entirely destroyed without the ability to play further? so the game rather becomes a multisystem last commander/s standing ?

    yea this whole thing would be very difficult to get right ..
    don´t want to even think about how this would be supposed to all work in real time ...
    want even less to think about a perpentual online galactic war were players can just join in or even rejoin ..
    uuugghhhh ....
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