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Would you like an updated MNC with LAN?

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    I'm a really big fan of SMNC, however being in New Zealand I always get pings of 300+ when i try to play an online match on servers hosted anywhere other than Australia so I play alot of my games LAN with my mates.I usually end up playing really old games with my mates at our LANs because the new ones don't support LAN. I haven't played SMNC in a long time as the player numbers on the Au server dropped so low it was impossible to find a match but I would like to add SMNC to our list of games we play because i really really like the game but that's not really easy as it's an online only F2P and there would be problems adding LAN as it goes against the whole game model.

    I know normal MNC has a LAN mode and i thought would be cool if maybe it could be updated to include the new SMNC pros, levels and interface. Or maybe you could release a new version of MNC called Uber Monday Night Combat or something with all the SMNC content and some extras. Is there anyone else who feels like this is a good idea?

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