Should T1 AA be moved over to the bots?

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Should T1 anti-air be moved from vehicles to bots?

  1. Yes

  2. No (post why in comments please!)

  1. MrTBSC

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    if your opponent builds aa denying you airspace to raid then you almost win by default for going pure ground when your opponent continues to built aa that is not used and therefore wasted metal ... no matter if bots or tanks

  2. mered4

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    People whining about bots being useless? The hell? They're used tons in the early game and super late game 0.o
  3. pjkon1

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    This is testable. How about this: we play a game of PA on any ranked map you want other then forge. Rules are these: you lose imeadiately if you build a factory that is not a vehicle factory and I lose imeadiately if I build a vehicle factory. Otherwise the winner is the person whose comm doesn't die. If vehicle factories are truly the only required build you should win this no?
  4. stylisticsagittarius

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    Everything is well balanced now.
    even late game you see people with lots of t1 bots hitting devestating blows to the enemy from surprise attacks.

    even for the air. T1 bots can also shoot air. They will do little to no damage to fighters but can do an impressive ammount of damage to bombers (considering large groups offcourse). Altough this is not very effective but they can defend themselfss against a decent amount of bombers.

    About you have to have bots for fast expansion and you have to have vehicle factory for anti air and decent front line combat the answer is simple. A good players uses them all and focusses on whatever the current situation needs more.

    Close to the enemy built tanks, farther from the enemy use bots and air. very far from the enemy use air and tanks (tanks get closer when building teleporters, something a lot of people really underesetemate).

    Even from the start i use bot fabbers and vehicle fabbers. bot: quik for reclaiming and getting mass points and setting up quikle a base somewhere. veheicles building your main base at lower energy consumption when your economy is still building up. air fabs i very rarely use they are to vulnurable against air sneak attacks.

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