Should Bomb Bots Leap?

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by ciberx15, January 20, 2014.

  1. igncom1

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    Booms are good enough from what I can see, why would they need to jump?
  2. liquius

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    Just so you know, it originated from RCBM. Burntcustard saw the awesomeness of this creation and asked if he could add it to his mod.
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  3. burntcustard

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    I based my booms jumpy-ness on RCBMs, but its gone through quite a bit of tweaking (like the 'splosion marks). Might be worth having a look and putting stuff from it back into RCBM :)
  4. radongog

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    I don´t think jumping will enhance them!
    Oh, and BTW: I think they are very-well balanced at the moment!
    Perfect if you know the position of the enemy commander, but he´s placed inside a huge base...
    ...just send a few hundereds of BOOMs and he´ll be BOOMed! :D
    Only good counter are mass Tier I Bombers---or walls---both things not everybody would include in his or her playstyle ;)
  5. onyxia2

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    Just for this ^ and this alone I would support that unit cannon cause that would be epic!

    banelings did alot of damage to buildings, you wouldn't blow up a CC with em but you'd definitely use 5 of em to kill a bunker or a cannon and pylon for sure! Baneling busts is a deadly all in strat :) What they weren't good at doing was blowing up armored units, unless of course if they were clustered together and you could carpet bomb with baneling overlords or burrowing :) I was a zerg player btw ';..;'

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