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    Tracks who pauses/unpauses the game by sending ingame All Chat messages.

    Ingame example attached below ;)

    This is a re-implementation of two older mods:
    - Who Unpaused It? by flubbateios
    - Who Paused? by mattshadowwing

    It combines both functionalities in a single mod while also improving them:
    - It reacts to all pause/unpause events (PAUSE keybind, game menu "Pause/Resume" button, and pause notification "Resume" button) whereas the previous mods only handled the game menu "Pause/Resume" button.
    - It wraps around and extends the original functions instead of replacing them with an enriched copy/paste of their original code, thus increasing resistance to potential changes in the original code (game updates) and increasing compatibility with potential other mods hooking onto/interacting with the same functions.
    (- Also, "Who Unpaused It?" is not available on Community Mods.)

    Note: this initial version enforces a 3-second countdown when unpausing to give a chance to all players to get ready. If the feature is deemed too annoying by users, it will be removed in future versions.

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