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    how do you use sandbox mode in AI Skirmash?
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    You mean with an AI that does nothing? You can set its resource multiplier to zero. (The current PTE has an "Idle" AI where you don't need to do that).
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    All bindings default, see settings/keyboard/dev mode.

    Hover over a unit and press ctrl+c, then press ctrl+v to paste a copy of it.

    alt+f1 and alt+f2 put an avatar or avatar factory in your paste buffer, use ctrl+v to create one.

    You can get some extra UI by launching the game with --devmode

    I've also made a bunch of mods that expose (instead of devmode) or enhance the UI:

    - Bulk Create Units
    - Improved Player Control
    - Sandbox Unit Organizer / Sandbox Unit Toolbox
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    To expand on @wondible's post - when copy/pasting units, make sure your cursor is hovering over the item to copy. Just selecting/highlighting it does not work. And when pasting, place your cursor to the area you'd like it to be pasted. :)

    In Settings > Keyboard > Dev Mode you'll find several hotkeys, however they do not explain that you need to CTRL+V after selecting ALT+F1 to add the Uber Fabber (avatar.)
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