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    Planetary Annihilation is a cross platform client / server networked OpenGL application.

    Any software that interferes with network connections or OpenGL can cause issues.

    When playing you are connecting to a local server or hosted server over the internet.

    Out of Date Drivers

    Out of date drivers are the top cause of issues. Sometime the very latest drivers can also cause issues.

    A crash to desktop during startup or a black screen is usually bad OpenGL GPU drivers.

    Client Stalls or Units Jump During Game

    This is normally a network issue or incompatible software.

    Security / Antivirus / Network Scanners

    Security software can disrupt network connections and slow down loading of files. Add exceptions for the PA client, CoherentUI and the local PA server.

    Screen Overlays / Screen Recording

    Many overlays and screen recording software can impact the performance of OpenGL applications.

    Windows Incompatible Software List (eg disable GameFirst)

    Support Wiki and Reporting Issues

    Before reporting issues please check the support wiki.

    To help we really need a full DxDiag and logs uploaded to a PA support forums post or

    Community support has moved to #support on the official discord server:
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