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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Nicb1, May 3, 2016.

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    You will need to contact the author of that mod to have them fix it.
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    As a matter of fact Legion is used in FFA games. But im having a couple of points that make it hard to tolerate at times.

    1)Gustav + Rampart is impossible to deal with, really. Gustav deals huge damage in a good radius and Rampart renders it immune to the Holkins. So Legion has insane defence compared to MLA in FFA and can secure base and expansion guaranteed. No the dox do not counter gustav + Rampart because it is a strongpoint that can deal with mere dox with other means. True the sniperbots penetrate Ramparts but they are outranged by the Gustav. The Rampart just eliminates Holkins and Leviathans effectively. For a fraction of their cost.

    2)The Starcannon is just imba. It costs 900 metal pretty much like a T1 factory and they allow you to instantly move your army to a selected point of the map via an automatic airdrop including T2 unit blobs.
    MLA in comparison has to
    -build up a land blob and move on the ground (speed 10). Its really slow;
    -use teleporter combat fab drop which takes quite a bit of micro and still more time. Can be done once per game otherwise you spend 50% of your micro on drops;
    Starcannon mobility is too unlimited and easy on micro. It is as if your ground force has suddenly gained mobility of your planes. Thats really unfair for MLA.

    3)People have mentioned Panzers and i think they are op as well. Legion gets a bunch of units with inflated ranges like the Panzers and the Jaeger.

    In the end it seems to me that it is going to be pretty difficult to justify using Legion in FFA games unless you yourself play only Legion.
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