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    This is a mod for galactic war which adds 4 unique commanders that have very different play styles. A Readme file is attached, which should contain all information that you need.

    ======A long overdue update======
    This mod has now been incorporated into the GW Overhaul mod by Quitch, so no need to run this if you run GWO. Thanks for all the support, and have fun!

    the 4 commanders are space excavation, planetary excavation, tactical nuke and defensive tech, each offers different gameplay.
    Planetary Excavation: Metal Extractors can be built everywhere.
    Space Excavation: Jigs can be built everywhere, cannot use conventional resource structures.
    Defense Tech: Starts with buffed advanced defenses.
    Tactical Nuke: low cost and low yield nukes replace defensive structures.

    Unfortunately I cannot post dropbox links, but I have uploaded the mod to PAMM, just search for this name and you will find it, hope you enjoy it!

    2016/02/16 Uploaded v1.01, fixed a few issues, the old mod file has been deleted from dropbox, and i still cant post the link. When im not a 'new user' anymore i will put up the link, please stick with pamm for now.

    2016/02/18 Updated v1.02, fixed an error which caused the game to freeze while trying to start with tactical nuke commander, it should work fine now. PAMM installation uploaded.

    2016/02/29 No new updates for the mod, I have been experiencing OS issues and reinstalled my system multiple times, now I am back :D

    2016/03/07 Updated v1.03, fixed the error which caused the adv metal extractor built by the planetary excavation commander to cost 2000 times of the original instead of a flat amount of 2000 metal

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    Unfortunately this mod is not compatible with Galactic War AI Overhaul in its current state, or won't be once GWAIO adds loadouts. Rather than lose the loadouts I am porting them across to GWAIO. Per the readme I will include a copy of the readme file, and credit you in both my readme and changelog.

    If you're still around, and would prefer, I can assist in making this mod GWAIO compatible while keeping it separate.
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    Hi! Thanks for the update! I would much like to give someone the authorization to continue developing/editing/balancing this mod since I don't play PA that much nowadays, as you can probably tell from my long absence. You can reach me on discord with legenbone#1182 if you would like to further discuss anything. Thanks again!
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