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Discussion in 'Mod Discussions' started by doctorfiet, November 13, 2013.

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    Hello everybody,

    I played around with the javascript a little bit and wanted a way to bind keys to just the build item set you see when you select one or more fabber units. That would mean something like:
    key1 => item1
    key2 => item2
    key3 => item3
    and so on but independent from which items are really shown in the list.
    So key5 would build a advanced bot fac. for a fabber bot while building a advanced vehicle fac. for a fabber vehicle.

    This mod will add additional entries in your hotkey - settings section, namely "build item 1" ... "build item 8". I think 8 keys should be enough, one has always the option to switch to some build tab to reduce the size of the build item list. Currently only the first four have a default -> f1 to f4.

    The hotkeys also work in factories, but the used keymapper - implementation "mousetrap" will consume combinations like "shift+anykey" so you cant use the batch build modifier.

    Maybe someone has use for this - let me know.

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    Added to the PA Released Mods list.
    Can you provide a short 1 line description for you mod also? This will appear in future versions of the Mod Manager (you don't need to add this description to the mod ini file, it appears elsewhere)

    Edit: Also, if you don't wish to include a link, leave out the link field, or it will make your mod link to the URL "..." (which doesn't exist :p )
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    One line description:
    binds build bar items to hotkeys, configurable via "game settings" - "keyboard"
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    Would have flipped crap if it actually had different placement bindings for different types of fabricators, that would be hella useful.

    It is weird though, as you said it seems many placements for builds "sync" with different fabbers, like a lot of structures are in same places in different fabber blueprint lists, and fabbers with different options have those different options in the same place. Thus, as is, it already is incredibly useful and makes building mex and pp back and forth like you do in beginning of game incredibly fast. mex, pp, mex, pp, back and forth, now its like a boss.

    I was just playing a game and was thinking I can't wait for templates just so I can build side-by-side mex-pp without back-forth-mouseclicking.

    That being said, I sure am DLing this, as well as clicking a "like" for you. If I find anything useful as I use it, I will let you know.
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