Refinery Structure Mod: Should I make it?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussions' started by TeknoRapture, November 12, 2019.

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    The general consensus is that a Metal Maker is unneeded and unwanted but I really miss them. I was wondering if there would be any interest in something similar though: a Refinery, which would still "make metal" but only by "enhancing" the mex you have. So I was thinking of making a Refinery which increases the efficiency of any Mex a player has.

    Very simply, this structure would use energy and then give a small bonus to every Mex you have. To keep it easy, I would just read the number of Mex a player has and then the Refinery would produce a bonus amount of metal based on that. I'd also use a "rule of diminishing returns" with each refinery producing less and less bonus metal. Also, (if possible) I'd make it on a planet by planet basis so the refineries only produce bonus metal for the mex on that planet.

    Another option would be for a running Refinery to consume both Energy and Metal and then, many ticks later, release a bonus amount of Metal, but I can see this causing problems.

    So what do you think? Anyone interested? I definitely need help with all the "balances" (ie how much cost to build and run, how much bonus to give, how fast the falloff should be, etc)

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    Most of the modding conversations are now occurring in #modding on the PA Discord chat -
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    i say keep it simple
    make a powerconsuming t2 metalmaker that spits out metal per tick
    and change the jig to consume power as well ...

    making a bonus giving structure imo would snowball to much with the eco, we did have the problem before that once t2 mexxes are a thing player eco gets quite the boost .... and it just further skyrockets when gasgiants are in play ...
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    Not possible.

    Units in PA cannot change their stats dynamically during the game as a function of some other number in the game.

    Modders do not have the ability to route variables into unit statistics.

    Units are JSON files; all fields are numerical or strings; there's no support for functions.

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