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Discussion in 'Uber Entertainment Discussion' started by scathis, December 15, 2010.

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    Sweet. I love listening to a podcast while I browse. Boy are his arms tired. Classic!

    Was great to listen to that. The Bakon Vodka was very lulz worthy.
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    Oh wow, I have been so inactive I missed this thread. Nice, I can't sleep anyways.

    Ok Ima use this as a notepad as I listen through it:
    I swear John always has the same little "Hellooo" intro.

    I want to be a caroler at Eka's door.

    A bit of a blank space...haha

    Yea Competitive multiplayer Mass Effect makes no sense, Co-Op I can see happening.

    "Can we say cock blocking?" lmao!

    If a big company wanted to buy Uber would you sell it if the price was right?

    Hearing you speak about the MNC PC version and how excited you seem to be I really wish I could be there. Hearing you want to experiment just kind of makes me giddy. Will Uber and MNC convert me to a PC gamer? Maybe...oh break time and I hear the Spunky Cola sound clip.

    It took John 22 minutes to say "Find the fun first." lol

    MNC is Triple U for Uber!

    Speaking of Whiteboxing any plans on adding to the MNC Visual thread.

    Hahaha, MNC is never broken for me! Hey I want to try that old controller layout, lol.

    I bet Eka likes to strip his games down. :eek:

    "Support your fans and they'll support you." Damn straight! :D

    Oh no, John made a jab at Street Fighter..Bro's going to get all upset. ;)

    Infinity Edge! :D I still need to play LoL

    MNC clones ftw! Dudes! Warsoup looks freaking awesome!

    Words of wisdom "You're gunna be alright." Btw John, you are doing it wrong. :)

    LMAO at the advice on making a game "Win the lottery first and self fund it." :lol:

    I never knew a 2 y/o could say "Play with me daddy."

    Hahahahahaha Eka and John played Facebook games! I never even touched one....yet.

    John is not gangsta. You both should really check out The Saboteur. It has a great art style and the time period is great.

    I've never played WoW but I have played some similar MMORPG's...

    Eka bailed on an offer for Fallout 3?!?!?! Wowo.

    Studio artist I'd buy from no matter what they put out is Uber! :D

    Shows over, Happy Holidays. :ugeek:

    Yep, I basically sat here and talked (typed) to myself while I listened to the podcast.

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