Really basic things that are laking into the UI. --> decreasing the number of clics for same action.

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    There is something I was thinking it would come into the alpha, but now we are are in the middle/end of the beta, december is in a few days, and it is still lacking, while devs are doing a lot more complex things:
    THE loop button into the factories.

    Why it is so important? Because for the player, this game is really huge, with really a lot of things to do (multiple planets, huge numbers of factories, of units on the map, spherical maps need much more attention than a flat map etc).
    So the player need to do a ton of action and is not helped by the UI, it led to the fact that game is a race to the clic, the best player is simply faster, not the best strategist.

    So, yes, currently PA is just a über starcraft game on the space with a flow based economy.

    So this kind of game require to have a user interface capable to make any action simple easy and fast to do.

    I don't want to say to my factory to build 500 units, I want a loop instead, I don't want to clic 40 time in order to build 20 energy generator, I should not need more than 3 or 4 clics to do that.

    So this button loop button is a first (easy?) step in order to help the player and decrease the number of clic for a real action.
    We can also think about allowing a factory to assist an other.

    And of course a capability to order to build a farm of a type of building in a single move should be great.

    All this comes from supcom so devs know them, but I'm sure there is a lot of others possibilities that could be added.

    This game really currently need a massive "clic" reduction!
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    The UI is being overhauled, chances are we won't see any of the progress Uber has been making in that regard until it I more complete. I also suggest viewing the most recent Live Stream from Uber's YouTube channel.

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    Loop has been discussed.

    Loop has been confirmed.

    We're getting a lot of duplicated threads,
    Are the mods allowed to start aggressively merging the duplicate threads?

    Their latest livestream was great.
    You should watch it.
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    That's because there should be more threads with a sticky, like your UI-thread Culverin.
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    That's what I was thinking too.
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    I searched other threads and did not find them .
    I did this post only because it's the end of November, and when I see the current state of the game, I'm worried about it.
    I will watch the stream, but English is not my native language, so I'm not sure to understand everything.
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    basically they no need to worry they are going to have what you are wanting.
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    Click 40 times for 20 power gens??? ummm please tell me you are not placing them individually... if you hold shift you can keep the outline of the building and just keep placing them.... also holding shift while queuing units adds 5 units of the type per click :)

    Hope this helps (if you did not know about it) while we all wait for the loop function :)
  9. guigespritdusage

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    well I exaggerated a bit.

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